The four original PCs encountered a dust hag named Ninaran in the Keep on the Shadowfell adventure that gave them a dark prophecy and filled their minds with horrific visions. She gave them a prophecy that told of a coming darkness. Then images flashed through their minds. An obsidian monolith, the Elder Elemental Eye written in blood, and their home village of Veil burning. The PC were left with the knowledge that whatever evil is going to rise if left unchecked it will consume the world. Since then the PC’s have adventured to keep the prophecy from coming true.

The Prophecy reads as follows:

From below you he will rise From above you it will burn The shadow will follow And consume the world In darkness unending

Part of the Prophecy came true when the dying kobold Meepo drew the symbol of the Elder Elemental Eye on the wall in her own blood.

The Prophecy is part of the Ongoing Mystery of Book I.


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