Ongoing Mystery

This is where information that the PCs have learned about the ongoing mythology of the campaign will be located.

The PCs have learned that a dark evil is coming to the world and if they fail to stop it Veil will burn, that it is connected to the Elder Elemental Eye and the Ansible, that a mysterious Dark Man is connected to it, and that it has something to do with the ancient Primogens.

Elder Elemental Eye

Symbol of the Mad God who is bound by chains for all eternity as punishment for creating the Abyss and starting the Great War. The God found a black rock and hurled into the heart of the Elemental Chaos. This ripped a hole in that plane creating the Abyss and giving birth to the first demons. For this crime the other Gods bound him in chains and locked him away outside creation. Unsatisfied with the punishment the Gods gave to one of their own the Primordials demanded they turn the Mad God over to them. When the Gods refused the Primordials started the Dawn War. He is called the Mad God because eons of torture and torment have driven him insane and because it is said he can speak to the insane and control their minds.

The Ansible

An artifact built by the ancient Primogens it is a communication device, one of a set of four, that are bound to a great mother stone in the Primogen city where it was created. It allows the user to communicate with the person controlling the mother stone where it was bound to and allows that person to read the user’s mind and gain limited control over their actions. It also can be used to reveal the location of the mother stone it is bound to.

The Dark Man

A mysterious and shadowy man who appeared to Adria when she used the Ansible. He is a dark and handsome stranger whose eyes show his intelligence and cold calculating evil. On his chest and hands he has the Elder Elemental Eye symbol. He may or may not be the same man who killed Adria’s brother.

All the PCs know about the Dark Man so far is that he showed up at the Raker Asylum for the Diseased about 5 years prior to the start of the campaign. He took over and has been there every since trying to dig his way towards the Primogen city of Nyr Dyv.

The Primogen

The first children, rumored to have existed in the universe before even the Gods or Primordials were born. The Primogen built up a massive empire before mysteriously vanishing leaving behind only a few artifacts, like the Ansible, and a small scattering of cities. If this is true it would imply that the Primordials did not actually build the world or even the Feywild, and possibly didn’t build anything at all. Such a fact would have universe altering consequences for the Gods and their ancient enemies as well.

The Primogen have many powerful magic and semi-magical artifacts and items including black crystal that radiates power (and that they use to build their cities), and items that can influence the weather, communicate across vast distances and allow a user to teleport across the world.

The Raker Asylum for the Diseased

The Asylum was originally a monastery built 175 years ago and designed by dwarves from the nearby city of Belegost in the top peaks of the Frostfall mountains. The dwarves constructed the stone edifice on behalf of monks of Erathis who felt the only way they could help spread the word of the goddess of civilization was to contemplate her far away from civilization. For 45 years the monks lived within the monastery and traded for supplies they needed to survive the harsh winters. Then one year came early and was particularly harsh and the monks ran out of food and starved to death. The monastery remained empty for nearly 30 years before it found a new use as an asylum for the mad. The Gnoll war had taken a toll on the Nethir empire but the harshest damage came in the closing years of the war. Gnoll alchemists, blessed by their demon lord, created a virulent disease causing poison that they coated their weapons with. This poison ate at the minds of those infected reducing them to madness and delusion.

Fortunately the gnoll alchemists responsible were tracked down by agents of the Nethir empire and were killed and the secrets of the poison presumably died with them. Shortly afterwards the gnoll leader and the emperor were both killed in battle. The gnoll army scattered and the Nethir empire fell into ruin. That still left the problem of what to do with the hundreds that had been infected by the disease and could not be cured.The leaders of the city searched for an answer and it came to them in the form of Loeg Riker, young healer and student of history. He had found records detailing the monastery’s construction in the archives in the city’s library and decided it would be perfect. He presented the idea to the city’s leaders. They sent him on a mission to see if the place was still standing and if the monks were alive. When he returned with the information that the monks were dead the city’s leaders knew they had the perfect place.

Thus began the three month long march that resulted in the deaths of 350 infected and over 200 soldiers sent to guard them. Despite this when they finally reached the abandoned monastery the number of infected were still numerous. Riker renamed the monastery the Riker Asylum for the Diseased. He spent the next 36 years taking care of the infected watching them die off one by one as a cure could never be found. When the last of the infected died he left the Asylum behind finally returning to Aegir where he died a forgotten old man.

After a disastrous occurrence in Aegir when the poison was used as a virulent gas that turned 1/3 of the city’s population violently insane, the Asylum was reopened. Dr. Jonathan Answorth was put in charge and led more patients to stay in the stone building. He has been there for 35 years.

The Fomorian

Evil Feywild dwelling giants who rule over fast kingdoms of the Feywild underdark (the Feydark). There only desire is to conquer the service and subjugate the eladrin to their will. Each is gifted with a magical eye that can lay curses on their enemies. They created the cyclops giants.

The Proditors

Eladrin who worship the Fomorians and wish to live as slaves to their will. They believe the Fomorians are the true lords of the Feywild and should rule without question. Their name means betrayer in ancient sidhe. The most vile of their number was named Paelias Valeneir. He had created a ritual known as the Dagger of Arudial. It could create a temporarily enchanted dagger that could absorb the souls of five specific individuals. He wished to use that energy to destroy the barrier beneath Mithrendain that kept the Formians from invading the city. He had gotten as far as the seal and was about to shatter it when he was attacked. His body was destroyed but he was able to reform into a Skull Lord. However the magic of the ritual left him trapped near the seal until it was broken.

Ongoing Mystery

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