Trouble in Fallcrest Part 2
Adventure #2 Part II

After speaking with Meepo the PCs took time to discuss things amongst themselves. They suddenly had numerous things to do in town and they had to prioritize. The first and most important thing was figuring out who the 7’ tall purple bugbear was and why he was claiming to be their friend. They talked things over with Strom and he explained that he had initially just wanted to meet the lord but now things were a little different. He had heard about the Bloodreavers who were supposed to be a nasty goblin tribe that was kidnapping other humanoids throughout this area. If what Meepo said was true they were raising some sort of army of vile mutants and were going to unleash it on this town. Strom explained that he didn’t want to see that happen anymore than the other PCs and he offered to help.

The women debated it for a while, BC and Adria both felt that Strom couldn’t be trusted but Krin and Breanna weren’t so sure. Splug spoke up for Strom saying that he seemed like a nice goblin which began Splug and Strom bonding. After hearing what they were going to likely encounter the PCs decided to let Strom come with them but first BC wanted a little test to see if they could trust him. They all found rooms at the inn, Strom and Splug staying in a room apart from the women, and decided to meet up first thing in the morning and discuss their options.

After a hearty breakfast the next morning the PCs decided to handle a smaller mission before tackling the larger job of taking the Bloodreavers or recovering the mysterious artifact. Strom told them about the farmer Jeril and so they decided to go talk to him. They found him at his farm near the Harkenwood forest. He told his story to the other PCs and promised them his grandmother’s magical boots if they helped him. They spent the day at his farm getting to know his three young sons Alain (20), Quinn (16) and William (12). As the sun set sure enough a sneaky group of vandals came out of the woods but they weren’t really vandals and they weren’t invisible, at least not at first. They were gnomes and after a brief fight the PCs managed to get things calmed down so they could talk it over.

They learned that while taking a walk out in the world the gnome tribe had found a mother griffon who had been shot down by archers and she had her eggs with her. They couldn’t save her but they vowed to protect the eggs and took them with them. Unfortunately one of their number dropped an egg which one of Jeril’s young sons had found and took with him. The gnomes assumed the human farmers were keeping the egg to sell and had been vandalizing the farm to get it back. After confronting his son Jeril turned the now hatched and flying griffon baby back over to the gnomes. They blew on a magic horn which summoned an adult griffon to take the babies and then they thanked the PCs and left. Jeril thanked them as well and gave them his grandmother’s magic boots.

The next day BC decided they needed one more test before they took on the larger battles. They picked up a flyer on a bar which promised to pay brave souls much gold if they spent a night in the haunted Ivory Tower. They found the person who had made the flyer was named Orest Naerumar. He had bought the tower as a second home and wanted to renovate it but the construction team believed it was haunted and wouldn’t work on it. He needed some people to spend the night there proving it wasn’t haunted and he would pay well. The PCs agreed and spent the night in the tower. Halfway through the night they were startled to discover the tower was haunted after all! They were attacked by the ghost of a young demon summoner named Valinae and her imp servants. They destroyed her and the imps and collected their payment from Orest. Afterwards, feeling that Orest tricked them and hoping to mess with his plans, BC had the group spread rumors that the tower was still haunted. If that bothered Orest he did not confront the PCs about it.

After that the PCs decided to go after the artifact first. They went to kobold hall and fought past numerous kobold traps and devious kobold warriors. At the bottom of kobold hall they found the great evil that had terrified Meepo was a young green dragon named Szartharrax. Szartharrax had invaded Kobold hall and subjugated the kobolds living there turning them into his servants. When Meepo had come into the hall he had took the artifact from her and barely let her flee with her life. When the PCs came into his lair Szartharrax turned his full might on them. The PCs fought a titanic battle and finally killed the vile green dragon (not to be confused with the jolly green giant) and went through her treasure. There Krin found the intelligent hammer Pax and Strom found the artifact Meepo spoke of.

It was a small metal box overlaid in intricate gears and strange runic symbols and was wrapped in thick cloth. When Strom showed it to the group Adria touched it and it opened like a mechanical flower then projected a beam of white light into Adria’s mind. She had a vision of herself in a room of endless white. A dark shadowy figure approached (the Dark Man) her and demanded to know who she was and where was Sinruth. When she didn’t answer he scanned her mind learning her names and the names of her friends. Then he ordered her to destroy the artifact.

Finding herself free of the white light Adria moved to smash the box destroying it, but Strom and Breanna were quicker. Breanna had immediately identified Adria’s bizarre glassy-eyed stare as mind control and knew she must not be allowed to destroy the box. She called out to Strom who slashed Adria with his rapier while Breanna used a spell to whip the box out of Adria’s hand. The pain of the slash snapped Adria out of it but she blasted Strom anyway. She told the others what had happened and they very carefully laid the box in the thick cloth and packed it away.

BC surmised that whoever the dark man was he must want them to destroy the box for a reason. She figured that the box might somehow show where his base was or something. Either they had to protect it.

After that the PCs continued onto the sword barrow. They entered the stone tomb and there they found a site that chilled them. The Bloodreavers had been conducting horrific experiments on captured goblins and other creatures and even on themselves and the symbol of the Elder Elemental Eye was everywhere. The PCs fought past numerous disgusting mutants and other foul beasts and freed the captured test subjects. They confronted the leader of the Bloodreavers, the aforementioned Sinruth. He ordered his forces to attack and the battle was joined. The PCs fought hard and killed him and his soldiers. After exploring they found Sinruth’s journal which was written in a mad rambling prose and encrypted by a simple code. After solving the code the PCs read about the artifact, what Sintruth called the Ansible, and how the experiments were done in an attempt to open a door for his master.

What all that means was still confusing to the PCs. They pocketed the journal and with one final search to make sure they had killed everything that needed killing, they left the sword barrow.

Notable Notes

  • The PCs went from level 4 to level 6!
  • Strom officially became a member of the party
  • The PCs met Orest Naerumar
  • The PCs completed the Ghost Hunter sidequest
  • The PCs completed the Farmer’s Lament sidequest
  • The PCs completed the Kobold Hall main quest
  • The PCs completed the Bloodreavers of the Sword Barrow main quest
  • Krin found the intelligent hammer Pax
  • The PCs acquired the Ansible
  • The PCs met and killed Sinruth
  • Adria met the Dark Man who read her mind
  • The PCs learned more about the Prophecy
  • The PCs killed a dragon!
Trouble in Fallcrest
Adventure #2 Part I

After saving the village of Winterhaven, and being declared heroes of Winterhaven, the PCs decided to leave the village and continue exploring the larger world. Although the Prophecy foretold by the dust hag scared them they believed they had stopped it from coming to pass by closing the Shadowfell rift. They met with a merchant in Winterhaven who hired them on as guards for one of his trips to the town of Fallcrest. After a short and uneventful trip the PCs arrived in the town of Fallcrest. The four young women had never been to such a sizable town before and found it a tad overwhelming at first. They immediately set out to explore the town, drink some fine ale and have a good time.

Meanwhile the bugbear Stromozone had come to Fallcrest from a different direction. Although he considered the small town to be somewhat provincial and backwater he still decided that this was the best place to begin his career as a traveling juggler. He quickly staked out a corner and began to juggle. Soon he was beset upon by the local thieves guild who were really just a group of thugs calling themselves a thieves guild. They made him pay for the right to be on the streets which he did. Then Strom tried to settle in and spend the little bit of coin the guild had let him keep by finding drink at a local inn.

He arrived at the tavern just as an old farmer named Jeril was was being kicked out for bothering the other drinkers. Strom stopped to ask the man what was wrong and was greeted with a sad tale. The man claimed that invisible vandals were destroying his farm. He claimed they attacked every night, sowing his fields with salt and throwing rocks through his windows and their attacks were getting worse. He feared he would lose his farm or his sanity if he didn’t get some help. Strom promised to help him and agreed to meet the man the next day. The farmer thanked him and Strom continued into the tavern to get some drink.

As Strom drank and ate the ladies continued their explorations. They found many curious sites, including flyers hung throughout the city calling for brave souls to spend a night in a haunted tower. Since the pay was good BC decided they should follow up on this offer as soon as they had a bite to eat. As luck would have it they ended up at the same tavern as Strom and were amazed to find a big purple furred bugbear among the drinkers.

They had all just settled into their meals when guards entered the tavern asking for anyone who spoke draconic. Breanna raised her hand. The guards explained the Lord of the city needed to see her at once. Seeing a great opportunity to meet the city’s lord and further his entertainment career Strom quickly slipped next to a stunned Breanna, telling the guards he was her friend and bodyguard and had to come with her. Not really caring who came as long as they got who they were sent for the guards took them all.

When they were brought before the lord he told them something dark had happened. A kobold, female by the markings on her face and body, had stumbled through the gate sick and weak and with a massive growth on her neck. She was rambling in draconic and none of the officials or guards could speak it since the wizard Nimrozoran was away on business. The lord feared that she may carry grave tidings and wanted to hear what she was saying. Breanna translated. The kobold, Meepo was her name, explained that for over a year she had been held captive by the Bloodreavers, a sadistic group of goblins that were conducting horrific experiments in the sword barrow. Finally she had managed to escape but not before stealing a magical artifact which she figured was somehow important to their dark doings. She ran back to her old home in Kobold Hall only to find a great evil had taken over while she was held captive by the Bloodreavers. This evil had taken the artifact and she had fled. She didn’t know where else to go. Then to the PC’s horror Meepo drew the symbol she had seen the Bloodreavers use. It was the symbol of the Elder Elemental Eye that they seen in their prophecy and it was written in Meepo’s blood just as the dust hag foretold. The Prophecy was coming true! Having finally given the warning to someone Meepo fell silent and quickly passed away.

Fearing what this means the lord asked the PCs to meet with him early the next morning and discuss what they were to do next. The PCs were even more concerned because it appeared that they had not stopped the Prophecy by closing the Shadowfell rift as they had initially thought.

Notable Notes

  • The Bugbear Stromozone joined the party as a PC!
  • The PC’s arrived at Fallcrest
  • The PC’s worked as guards for Baiwin Wilarson
  • The PCs met the farmer Jeril
  • The PCs began four quests!
  • The PCs met Meepo who died shortly after
  • The PCs learned they had not stopped the Prophecy
Keep on the Shadowfell
Adventure #1

The first four PC’s in the party (BC, Breanna, Adria and Krin) set out from the village of Veil where they were born and where they had come of age. As part of an ancient tradition that had existed in the village since shortly after its founding more than 100 years ago, the PCs had to undergo what is called their Passage. According to that tradition everyone in the village who comes of age there must spend one year living outside of the village. After one year they can return if they so choose or they can continue to live in the larger world and never return. For safety reasons Youth who undergo the Passage are sent out in groups of at least four and our PC’s were no exception.

The youngest of this group finally having come of age the four were grouped together as one which was not difficult since they had been lifelong friends. After a party in their honor the PCs were given basic instructions. They were going to be woken up early the next morning, blindfolded and led to a spot somewhere outside the village so that even they do not know its true location. They would be given basic supplies and that’s all, no one from the village may assist them in anyway. After one year exactly if they wish to return to the village they may return to the spot they were left and from there be returned to the village. Other than that what happens is up to them.

As explained the PCs were given a party and the next morning led blindfolded to a spot on the side of a road. When they removed the blindfold they found whoever had brought them here was gone and they were alone. They found bags of basic supplies and weapons and a note from their mentor, and Breanna’s trainer in the mystic arts, Kemia. She told them to travel to the village of Winterhaven and from there go onto greater things.

They followed the advice. On the road to Winterhaven they were attacked by kobold brigands but managed to kill their attackers. They continued onto Winterhaven and met the lord of that village who told them a sad tale of how kobolds were raiding travelers on the road and killing innocents who venture too far from the village. The PCs decided to do something about it. They found the kobold layer and bravely entered. After a fight with the kobold leader (a buff goblin named Irontooth) and his army they won through, although Krin and BC were both killed.

Breanna and Krin managed to get the funds together to raise their friends. Among the stolen kobold treasure they found a note from someone named Kalarel who intended to open a portal to the Shadowfell and raise an army of undead. After investigating this the PCs learned that he was a priest of a cult of Orcus and was trying to open a portal in the nearby keep. The PCs entered the keep and fought through its many guardians and traps. Along the way they met and befriended a goblin named Splug who had been thrown in jail for cheating his fellow goblins. They freed him and he quickly joined their party. Although distrustful of him at first the PCs quickly made Splug a valued member of their party, even if all he does is clean their weapons for them.

Shortly after that the PCs returned to Winterhaven to find that Kalarel had ordered his spy to raise the dead in the local cemetery and destroy the village. The PCs fought the risen dead and destroyed them all, even putting Ninaran (Kalarel’s dust hag agent) to the sword. Before she died however Ninaran spoke a dark prophecy and showed the PCs visions of a world on fire. Then she closed her eyes for the last time. Shaken by this vision the PCs rested before returning to the keep.

After returning to the keep the PCs fought through many more guards and guardians eventually confronted Kalarel himself just as he was about to open the portal. With careful planning and tactics the PCs managed to defeat Kalarel and his servants. They killed him and left his body under tons of rubble from the collapsing keep, which began to fall apart after they shut down the portal. They escaped the destruction and returned to Winterhaven as heroes.

Notable Notes

  • The PCs left Veil
  • The PCs went from level 1 to level 4!
  • The PCs visited Winterhaven
  • BC acquired Aecris from Sir Keegan.
  • The PCs found out about the Keep on the Shadowfell.
  • The PCs met Splugand he joined their party.
  • The PCs heard the Prophecy.
  • The PCs were called the Heroes of Winterhaven.
  • The PCs killed Irontooth and Balgron the Fat.
  • The PCs killed Kalarel
  • The PCs closed the Shadowfell Rift and destroyed the keep
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