Descent into the Forgotten City Part I

When we last left our off with our merry band of PCs they had just helped young Splug successfully prove himself to the Chief of the Bonetooth tribe of goblins by winning the Death Race in the tunnels outside of Greywall.

After crossing the finish line Splug was quickly surrounded by screaming fans and a grinning Chieftain who gave him a hearty slap on the back and pronounced that the wedding would proceed without delay. Before he could even thank his friends Splug was swept away to begin the wedding plan which was set to happen that very night. As Splug made his preparations for his wedding the PCs prepared to climb the Frostfall peaks towards the lost Primogen city.

After trying unsuccessfully to find a guide they can trust the PCs decided to purchase a map and try to make the trip themselves. While they were purchasing the map one of Splug’s new goblin attendants found the PCs and invited them to the wedding. Splug asked Strom to give him away as in goblin tradition it is the goblin male who is given away and not the female. Splug snuck away and found the other PCs and they all shared a tearful goodbye. After much hugs and promises not to forget each other Splug returned to his tent to get ready for the wedding.

It was beautiful for a goblin wedding. Splug and Grekta were wed and with one final wave back towards his friends Splug was taken away towards his new life. After the wedding was over Bulwark told Strom some news of his own. He had found a group of humans that needed a guide out of town. Deciding he was no longer interested in following Strom around, and looking forward to “accidentally” seeing the insides of some of these hapless humans, Bulwark decided to leave the group. After a goodbye from the strange metal man, Bulwark left.

The PCs spent the night in a comfortable inn and then the next morning purchased supplies for the their long hike (including warm clothes and snowshoes). That’s how they began what became a grueling two week hike where they climbed up steep hills, ascended the sheer sides of many cliffs and trudged through thick snow. They were beset by biting wind, and freezing temperatures and had only the map to guide them.

Nearly two weeks in there was an accident. Breanna, overcome by the cold, mistakenly led the others over a cliff and Breanna almost fell to her death, barely managing to teleport to safety. Then she found what the map was leading them to, a tunnel through a cave in the mountain that led to the valley where the Primogen city lay. Exhausted from their ordeal the PCs clambered up the cliff and entered the cave like tunnel where they found walls of crystallized ice.

After a brief rest BC and Strom explored the tunnel. There they found a mighty adult white dragon named Graundulaug who demanded to know what they were doing in its lair. BC tried to talk her way out of it but when the dragon demanded her sword Aecris BC knew she would have to fight. With a primal yell of defiance she drew her sword and attacked the beast.

Alerted by BC’s yell and the dragon’s subsequent roar the others rushed forward and joined the battle. Spells of fire shattered ice into a thousand shards, swords and crossbow bolts nicked across dragon scales, and mighty dragon claws swept aside attackers. Adria managed to summon a Hunger of Hadar but the cagey dragon flew up to crash down too far away to be pushed back into the dark shadows. Then it unleashed it’s breath weapon. A cone of cold that nearly froze the PCs solid tore through them as the mighty dragon bore down on them. BC and Krin fell before its assault but their teammates quickly revived them.

They responded in kind battering it with every spell and power they had finally cracking its scales, breaking its leg and knocking out its eye. As it rose up to make one final attack Strom sent a volley of arrows thudding into its body and it finally fell down dead.

After exploring the cave, and finding the dragon’s horde (along with the corpses of others who entered the dragon’s lair) the PCs decorated their cloaks and helms with dragon scales (Krin even made a crown of dragon teeth) and they spent the night resting in the relatively warm cave.

The next morning they set out across the snow covered valley. Three days of travel later they found themselves in the center of the valley which they began to recognize from their vision. Then a strange storm with green lightning appeared and grew in intensity. The PCs tried to bury themselves in the ice for protection but the storm was so powerful it froze them even in their makeshift shelter. Recognizing that the storm was not natural Breanna came up with a daring plan. She strode bravely out into the storm, facing the full fury of the unnatural weather and unleashed a spell of dispelling magic. So powerful was her magic that she managed to disperse the storm for just long enough for the PCs to race across the valley.

Then Strom spotted a light in the distance and the PCs raced towards its source. As the storm picked back up shrinking Breanna’s magic protection the PCs ran on. They found the source of the light was a stone edifice of apparently dwarven construction. A sign on a fence surrounding the structure but buried by snow, declared this place to be the Raker Asylum for the Diseased. As the PCs reacted to this ominous information the storm broke through Breanna’s shield and raged down on them. With no other choice the PCs quickly picked the lock on the Asylum and entered.

Notable Notes

  • The PCs went from 8th level to 9th level!
  • Bulwark left the group
  • The PCs fought and killed a white dragon.
  • Splug was married and left the group
  • The PCs found Raker’s Asylum for the Diseased.
  • The PCs entered the valley where the Primogen city was located.
Death Race at Greywall

At the conclusion of the last adventure the PCs found themselves back in the town of Fallcrest covered in soot from the collapsing building and standing in the circle of stones in the Ivory Tower. They had barely made it out of Brassmoon alive. Orest thanked them for their help saving him, then together they all left the Ivory Tower on the boat that Orest had docked there several months before.

Now back in Fallcrest the PCs first priority, according to BC, was to get cleaned up and have something to eat so they found the nearest inn and purchased some rooms. The next morning they went out to have a look around and find out what’s happened since they left. The first they noticed was it was considerably colder, which shouldn’t be too surprising since months had passed, but it was a tad colder than it should be this early in the season.

After making sure there was no lingering magical affect at play, at least none they could detect, the PCs took a walk around town. While on this walk the PCs made a distressing discovery. The old crazy woman that had approached them right before they left for the Feywild, right after they cleaned out the barrow, had killed her daughter and hung herself. About a month ago, for no reason anyone in town could see, the woman stabbed her sleeping daughter in the chest with a kitchen knife then hung herself from a tree in the center of town. Everyone in town was so shaken up by the brutality of the murder/suicide that Lord Markely ordered the tree to be turned into a memorial and fresh flowers to be placed at it every day since it happened.

The PCs were very disturbed by this but continued exploring the town. Strom bumped into Jeril, the farmer whose farm they had saved from the gnomes. He was very happy to see them, especially Strom, and offered to cook them dinner at his farm. He also told them that Torbular, apprentice to the wizard Nim, had been asking around town about them trying to see if they had come back from wherever they went to. They decided to go speak to the wizard and find out about this.

Once there Nim clumsily tried to mention the secret town of Veil without letting Strom or Bulwark know what he was talking about. BC arranged for Nim to speak with Breanna and Adria in private while he took Strom and Bulwark away. Once alone with the girls Nim explained that he knew their master Kemia. In fact, like Breanna, Nim was one of Kemia’s apprentices. This startled the women who were surprised that Kemia, who looks at most to be in her late 30’s, could be Nim’s master when he looks like he’s 65 if he’s a day. Nim explained that Kemia does not age like normal people and is in fact much older than she appears. He told them that Kemia is not human but refused to elaborate, telling them that they have to ask Kemia about that.

Nim went on to tell them that after they left for the Feywild Kemia showed up in Fallcrest. She had had a terrible vision about them and wanted to check and make sure they were all right. She ended up staying for a while, even left a gift of four speaking stones for them, but a few weeks ago she had another vision, this one she refused to tell Nim about. Whatever it was it spooked her and she left at once for the town of Aegir. She forbade them from following her, telling Nim to tell them (if they came back to Fallcrest) that they were to continue doing whatever they were doing. She was very worried. Then she left. Nim didn’t think the PCs would ever come back to Fallcrest.

They then told Nim what the eladrin sage had said about the ansible and what the ansible had showed them (the location of the mother stone). Nim suggested they leave at once and go north as quickly as possible. Once Breanna and Adria met up with the others, and told them more or less what Nim said (much less in the case of Bulwark, Strom and Splug) they decided he was right. They had to leave right away. That meant skipping out on the dinner they promised to have at Jeril’s farm but they hoped the farmer would understand. BC spoke to Lord Markelay and convinced him to give them fresh horses to replace the ones they lost (while Bulwark wrestled a giant lizard he found on a river bank and made it his mount). Then they purchased passage on the river.

For three days they sailed the river north of Fallcrest making their way deep into the forest and finally emerging in a lake on the other side. Then they traveled for another day before coming into a hill covered area. It was cold and getting colder, but they had purchased supplies before leaving Fallcrest and were fine. They were in the middle of their second day in the hilly area when they heard a scream. Following the sound they saw a small war party of gnolls chasing what appeared to be three young boys. Thinking quickly they got ahead of the gnolls and managed to ambush them. They fell on the gnolls like the fury of an angry god and in no time they had put every one of the rampaging beasts to the blade, all except for one who escaped.

When they looked at the boys they saved they found them to be three young Orc lads. The oldest was named Cord. They were not like typical orcs. They were dressed and besides being frightened they were polite and grateful for having their lives saved. They told the PCs they came from a town to the north called Greywall and that every year the Slaughterfang Gnolls rampage. They were supposed to watch the gnolls and report back to Greywall if they turned towards town but when they saw the gnolls about to run over a human farm they knew they couldn’t let it happen. They picked off a few gnolls and got the entire pack to chase them. They’ve been chasing them for three days when the PCs rescued them.

Cord asked them to escort him and his friends safely to Greywall and the PCs agreed. Once there they met Cord’s father Grumgal, who was worried about his son. Grumgal was thankful for the PC’s rescuing his boy and he offered to take the PCs through town and buy them dinner. The PCs found Greywall to be one of the stranger places they’ve seen. It is a mix of nearly every species that thinks freely including Orcs, Ogres, Minotaurs, Harpies, Medusas, Goblins, Kobolds as well as Dwarves, Halflings and Humans. They even passed a few Doppleganger’s on their way around. They found out that Trolls are used as food (known as Grist), that Doppleganger’s act as escorts, and that there was a section of town built for the small races known as Little Greywall.

After stopping to eat and drink the PCs were feeling pretty good. They listened to great music, saw a dancing Doppleganger who changed shape in time to music, and ate decent and not too expensive food. Strom visited the brothel Veils and Splug took a trip alone through Little Greywall. They had a good time until the next morning when Grumgal arrived with bad news. During the night Splug had seduced a female goblin who just happened to be daughter of the Chieftain of the Bonetooth tribe. The Chieftain was calling for Splug’s execution.

The PCs threw off their hangovers and went to the courthouse to argue Splug’s case before a Medusa Magistrate. They finally got the Chieftain to agree that if Splug could prove himself worthy of marrying the girl then he could marry her and wouldn’t have to be executed. Splug was, not surprisingly, okay with that. But to prove Splug worthy the Chieftain wanted him to participate in and win, a death race through the tunnels of the underdark behind Greywall.

The PCs worked it so they could all race alongside Splug and thus work to guarantee that he wins. Then they bribed a few racers to throw the race, convinced a few others to quit before the race starts and used every other trick they could think of. On the day of the race they all chose their mounts. Adria, Bulwark, Krin and Strom all chose to ride strong and fast underdark lizards, while Breanna and Splug rode giant bats and BC rode a Wyvern.

The race was a fast and brutal affair through twisting underground tunnels, over giant pools of acid that sprayed gouts of brutal fumes, through a freezing cold waterfall, into a room of glittering crystals, and through tight corridors. Despite dealing with stubborn and clumsy mounts, Adria, Bulwark and Krin were able to take off a side passage after three minotaur brothers which involved them in a nasty fight in the tight constrains. BC and Strom kept up with Splug beating back any rider who got close to passing him while Splug poured his goblin heart into riding as fast as he could. Strom sent volleys of blades and bolts into the other riders, dusting a vampire into ash and sending a few others tumbling into rock. But he missed his turn and had to disappear into a side tunnel off the beaten path which resulted in him almost getting eaten by a Roper and nearly getting lost in the underdark tunnels.

Meanwhile Breanna struggled to keep her stubborn bat under control but a clever use of ghost sound allowed her to take out another rider. Despite this she was unable to calm her mount as she crossed the acid pool and was nearly blasted into bits by a spurt of burning liquid. She barely made it out alive.

Finally it was neck and neck. The minotaur brothers were racing up the tunnels and the last flying rider, a drow on a Wyvern, was gaining on Splug. But there was light at the end as the finish line neared ever closer. Splug poured everything he had into it but the drow was gaining on him. BC saw her chance. She spurred her mount forward and reaching out a hand she grabbed the drow by his long white tresses and yanked him off his mount! He went tumbling away smacking hard into a stone wall and Splug crossed the finish line in first place.

Notable Notes

  • The PCs discovered Greywall
  • Splug lost his virginity
  • The PCs found out Kemia is not human and that Nim is her apprentice
  • Strom took 6 things off his bucket list
Garden of Blood

After the PCs broke the dagger and released the souls trapped within the souls quickly returned to their bodies and the five victims awoke from their nightmare. At the breaking of the dagger Aecris began to glow with tremendous power and transformed. After that the PCs left the catacombs behind.

On their way out they were approached by Councilman Fleorn who thanked them for their help and offered his estate for them to stay in. Bulwark returned to Saffrenia who thanked him for his helped. Strom and Bulwark discussed the issue and Strom offered the warforged a chance to come with them. Seeing no other way out of the Feywild and hoping that sticking with the other PCs would allow him more chances to see various creature’s bloody insides, Bulwark agreed.

The PCs spent a few weeks at Fleorn’s estate while the sage Amaril recovered from his ordeal and researched the information the PC’s were looking for. Bulwark passed the time by practicing eladrin fighting techniques Fleorn’s guard taught him. Strom passed it entertaining the various rich eladrin hangers-on. BC took this opportunity to take her three oldest friends aside and finally tell them the truth about her dark secret. She explained that she is a Changeling, left as a baby with her human parents. As a Changeling she is capable of changing her shape. She made them promise not to tell anyone else, especially Strom and Bulwark. True to their natures and their friendship the three women took BC’s confession in stride, only admonishing her for not telling them sooner.

During this time Adria stole the Watcher’s Signet Ring and snuck off to the outside of the city. There she called for Ashmael and he appeared. With no thought beyond serving her capricious master Adria handed the Signet Ring over to him. He was gleeful about the prospect of getting the ring. He was so happy he used his powers to create a magic circling out of loose branches which he gave to Adria as a gift. Then with ring in his possession he vanished.

After a couple weeks Amaril finally summoned the PCs to the library. Before he got to what his research revealed he gave them all gifts. Strom got a book about a great Bugbear warrior and hero. Bulwark got a gift filled with alchemy recipes and pictures of various creature’s anatomy. BC got a book about great war heroes and legendary generals. Adria was given a book about fey courts and etiquette, and Breanna was given a book filled with powerful magical spells, formula and rituals including a ritual that they could use to return to the world.

After that Amaril told them what he found. He explained what the Elder Elemental Eye was. Then he showed them pages from a journal he found. It described the finding of an ancient Primogen city and talked about the Ansible and how it can be used to track back to the location of the mother stone (see Ongoing Mystery) Amaril told them that with work he could teach them to use the Ansible to track back to wherever this Dark Man was located all without risking his scanning their minds. But to make it work they would have to return to the world.

Amaril proceeded to train them to use the Ansible and a few days later they were ready to leave Mithrendain. After a tearful goodbye between Bulwark and Saffrenia and a goodbye between Hadari and BC the PCs were ready to leave. Breanna opened the portal which appeared as a door on the side of a building. They entered and found themselves back in the world in the center of a field of dry scrub grass. The PCs quickly gathered around the Ansible and connected to it, opening their minds as one. This allowed them to track the Ansible’s Mother Stone. The vision they had took them far to the north showing them that the Mother Stone rests in a massive gorge in the Frostfall mountains. That is their destination. Then they awoke from their vision.

Tired from the vision the PCs rested a little bit then looked around. In the distance they saw a city which they quickly found out was Brassmoon. Brassmoon had a reputation for being antagonistic to all the so called “demihuman” races including goblins like Splug, and Bugbears like Strom. They especially hated Gnolls. However the people of Brassmoon considered Warforged to be true heroes and heralded Bulwark as a champion.

At that point Bulwark learned that the war he swore had ended five years ago had actually ended over 100 years ago. He had a massive and mysterious gap in his memory. The PCs also learned that they had been in the Feywild for twice as long as they they thought they had. At this point it had been 6 months since they left the village of Veil. BC decided they would gather supplies and prepare for the long march north or hopefully they could find a faster way to travel. While exploring to their surprise they found Orest Naeurummar bumming coins off passerby. After cornering him the PCs forced him to explain his current state.

He told them that he knew about the portal in the tower way back in Fallcrest. He had purchased the building for that purpose but just needed some nice people to drive away the ghost living there. He tricked them into helping him. After they were gone he activated the portal which linked to Brassmoon. Then he began transporting goods through the portal and making money by the barrel full. The only problem was he was upsetting local merchants because he could undercut them. He also run afoul of the Vigo of the Sand Net Syndicate (a fat tiefling named Vipone Paramezzus) by getting in over his head in a gambling game. Vipone promised to eliminate Orest’s debt in exchange for his shop. With no choice Orest agreed but before the Vigo could move in Orest snuck in and disrupted the portal shutting it down. Then he hid the stone that kept the portal open.

BC made him a deal. If he gives them that stone and opens the portal for them they would help him get his store back. He agreed and took them to see Vipone. Vioone explained the only way to get the store back was a bet. The Vigo told them that Brassmoon is home to the Nyos Amphitheater also known as the Garden of Blood. He bet that the six of them, minus Orest, wouldn’t be able to win a three match day in the Garden. They took his bet.

The next morning the PCs made ready for their matches. Orest went over the rules, explaining how unruly the crowd could be and that the matches they were in were not to the death. Then the PCs entered the barracks beneath the arena. They took the name Fellreavers for their team. In that day they fought three separate matches each more grueling than the last. In the final bout they fought Arxus Nod gladiator champion and deadly warrior but even he and his well trained team were no match for the PCs. They took him down in a brutal fight that had the crowd roaring with bloodlust. In the end the PCs were declared the victors and to the victors goes the spoils.

The PCs were lauded as heroes and in an award ceremony the PCs were given 1500 pieces of gold in prize money and each PC was given a medal commemorating their victory in the arena. The PCs were given free room and board in the fanciest Inn in town and were served the finest meal any of them had ever eaten. The Bugbear gladiator Threska even sent Strom a note asking for his company and he was only too happy to visit her.

The next morning refreshed and ready for the day the PCs gathered up Orest and went to the Sand Net’s guild headquarters. After going through the magical darkness and twisting rooms of the guild house the PCs ended up in Vipone’s private chambers. There he gave Orest the keys to the shop but Vipone was not happy. By winning the match the PCs had humiliated Vipone’s greatest gladiator not to mention beating Vipone and he doesn’t like to lose. Vipone, ever the fat bastard he is, refused to honor any of their other bets.

BC tried to explain that by beating Arxus they had actually made it easier to make money off of him but Vipone wasn’t having that. He ordered the PCs out. Seeing they were surrounded by trained guards, and Vipone could summon potentially 500 more they decided to leave but BC made a private oath to someday burn that guild house to the ground. Then the PCs went to the store and made their way inside. Orest showed them where the portal to Fallcrest was located. It was fine except for a single missing stone with a sigil on it. Orest had buried the stone right in the same room as the portal. He dug it up and put it back. The portal opened a tad but was weak so Breanna and Adria began chanting adding their magic power together to open the portal. Then the PCs heard a voice calling out from up above.

Strom went to investigate and found the shop surrounded by Vipone’s thugs all armed with burning torches. The lead thug called out to Orest telling him Vipone changed his mind then he hurled his torch at the store, but Strom was faster. In a flash of movement he drew his trusted magic shuriken Shenequa and hurled it at the torch neatly severing it half in mid-air. The frustrated thug ordered everyone to hurl their torches in response so Strom drew a cascade of shuriken from his magic bracers and destroyed every torch. The thug, unimpressed despite the amazing display of martial skill, drew his sword and charged forth.

The other PCs rushed up from below blasting out with magic and swinging their weapons while half of the thugs rushed into battle. The PCs were slashed and cut but they gave as well as they got and BC refused to let them retreat. Breanna, fearing that Orest would run away and sabotage the portal behind him, stuck him to the wall with a gob of magic web before joining the battle. The other half of the thugs lit fresh torches and threw them onto the shop’s roof and in a few seconds the store was ablaze.

With BC’s tactical leadership, Krin’s powerful hammer smashes, Strom’s incredible swordsmanship, Bulwark’s vicious axe, Adria’s wicked magic and Breanna’s powerful and destructive spells the thugs were beaten back on their heels, many of them falling to the PCs attacks. But the remaining thugs, fearing Vipone more than death, refused to run and slashed the PCs poisoning them with their jagged blades. Finally with the building fully on fire and with more of Vipone’s thugs rushing into battle, BC had to call a retreat. They beat their way back into the store and fled down the stairs into the basement where the portal was kept.

There they found Orest had freed himself and went through the portal and was standing on the other side waiting for the PCs. Splug had tried to get through the portal but had been struck by a falling piece of timber but Orest had pulled him safely through the portal. While Breanna and Adria worked to keep the portal open the others fled through it arriving instantly back in Fallcrest 800 miles to the north. Breanna jumped through the portal as it closed making it to the other side in a cloud of smoke and soot. Now the PCs are safely in Fallcrest.

Notable Notes

  • The PCs went from 7th to 8th level!
  • The PCs learned to work together as a team.
  • The PCs have made an enemy of Vipone and the Sand Net Syndicate
  • The PCs are back in Fallcrest
  • The PCs found out what Orest had been up to back in Fallcrest.
  • The PCs learned more about the Ongoing Mystery.
  • The PCs fought in the Nyos Amphitheater and won
Citadel of the Feywild Part 2
Adventure #4 Part II

After having narrowly escaped being caught by the Watcher’s of the Night the PCs scattered throughout the city of Mithrendain. Krin, Breanna and Adria fled to the church of Moradin where Krin had befriended the local priest. The priest gladly let them stay hiding them out in the church’s basement. Bulwark and Strom fled into the city and along the way encountered Splug who had dire news for them. While Splug was staying at the Waystop Inn the head of the Watcher’s of the Night, a burly eladrin named Ammon Bassari, came looking for Kagen. They spoke briefly and Kagen was carted away but before he did he managed to warn Splug that the Watcher’s were coming for the PC’s. Splug had been looking through the city ever since trying to find the PCs to warn them of the ambush but of course he was too late.

Strom decided to take that chance to climb up on the roof and have a look around the city leaving Bulwark and Splug in the alleyway. Meanwhile BC disguised herself as an eladrin woman and hid out until the guards pursuing her left. Then she went through the city looking for the others. She found Bulwark in the alleyway and approached but forgot to remove her disguise. When Strom saw an eladrin woman sneaking up on his friend he jumped down behind her and grabbed her. Now with her mouth gagged BC couldn’t explain herself. She saw Splug looking frightened and narrowed her eyes dangerously in an attempt to scare him. That angered Strom who smashed BC’s face into the wall.

After that BC, thinking quickly, explained that she was really Hadari in disguise. After explaining herself she convinced Strom that this was true and he let her go. Then she went to look for the others. Bulwark and Strom hid out at Saffrenia’s house while BC spent all night looking for the others, eventually finding them in the church.

The next morning the PCs read over the book they had taken from the library. It described the ritual that would absorb the souls of five individuals representing the five virtues of serenity: Faith, Bravery, Compassion, Intellect and Cunning. The PCs realized that the only remaining victims that hadn’t been taken were ones representing Faith and Bravery. They immediately thought of brave Hadari and went to tell him of what they found. He had news for them as well. The High Moon Festival Ball was being held that night. It’s a celebration that happens every year and it allows the common people to mingle with the city’s rich elites. The whole city was preparing for this and would be attending including the high priest of Correllon. The PCs realized that would be when the people behind these attacks would strike again. Hadari wanted the PCs to attend the ball. He gave them expensive clothes he had bought for that purpose and he gave Strom magical bracers that could summon daggers.

Then BC took Hadari aside and explained how she had pretended to be him and how Strom had attacked her. Hadari was angry at Strom for attacking what could have been an innocent citizen out for a stroll but he decided to put aside his anger until the attackers were brought to justice.

That night the ball happened and it was in full swing. The PCs mingled among the crowd trying to locate the killers. Adari saw something suspicious. Rich Jelvistra Theyak, daughter of councilman Veyan Theyak, who was supposed to be Saffrenia’s friend, was acting strange. Adari asked her a few questions and found Jelvistra was faking her sadness over her missing friend. Then Jelvistra had Adari kicked out of her tent.

A few moments later savage fey monsters erupted from tunnels beneath the tents and attacked! The PCs rushed forward to protect the high priest engaging the attacking monsters in a furious battle. Seil, the bard the PCs had saved from the fire, returned the favor by helping them guide the panicked crowd out of the tent. Then dozens of Watcher’s of the Night appeared and attacked the monsters. With the Watcher’s of the Nights help the PCs were able to quickly overcome the monsters. They followed the tunnel down below and there found Kagen standing over the body of a young priest who was in a deep coma like the other victims and he had sleeping poison on him. Furthermore the Watchers were missing their leader Amon.

The Watchers moved to take Kagen into custody but the PCs intervened wanting to know what he knew first. Kagen explained Amon threatened him with exile if he didn’t rat out the PCs which he did but he claimed he didn’t kill the priest. He says Amon let him go and then on his way out he was attacked by Jelvistra’s brother. He saw mud on his shoes even though it hadn’t been raining. The PCs realized he must be underground near a water source. Kagen knew the place and PCs left him in the custody of councilman Fleorn while they rushed to investigate. The Watchers, believing Kagen was the culprit, did not follow.

The PCs rushed to the location underground with the small pool of water. There the PCs found Amon in the same magical coma, Jelivstra’s brother with a gaping knife wound and his father, Veyan Theyak, floating dead in the water. The PCs saved the brother’s life and he explained what was going on. He explained that a great evil had corrupted Jelvistra and convinced her to be evil. Together they hatched a plan that would open the portal beneath the city. It was to culminate on the festival of high moon when everyone defending the city would be distracted. To add to that Jelvistra made a deal with a bunch of Banshrae. She would let them into the city and they would rampage. That way all the guards and watchers would be too busy fighting to stop her plan from happening.

She killed Saffrenia and drained her soul. Her father saw and covered up for her. Jelvistra convinced her brother to join her side. Her brother killed Brandis. Their father covered up for him too. She killed the sage. Hadari started asking questions so the father had him followed. When the PCs started asking questions he had them followed as well. When he found out they were at the Traveler’s Rest he had it burned to the ground to scare them off. When that didn’t work he gave an anonymous tip to the watchers that the PCs were up to no good and Kagen knew where they were.

After arresting Kagen Amon interrogated him but determined he had nothing to do with the attacks and let him go but Jelvistra’s brother was lying in wait. He jumped Kagen and knocked him out. Jelvistra attacked the priest of Moradin and took his soul. The pavilions went up and the festival ball started. Adria’s talking to Jelvistra made her nervous. She ordered the rampage early and along with her brother snuck into the catacombs but she didn’t know her father was following her.

Jelvistra had convinced Amon to meet her at the water pool and true to his word he was there. She managed to get close enough to stab him in the chest draining his soul but her father saw her do it. That was the last straw. He had enough with covering up for her and tried to stop so she killed him. Her brother was appalled that she killed her father and attacked her so she stabbed him and left him for dead.

After hearing the story the PCs healed the brother and ran after Jelivstra. They found her just as she was about to complete the dark ritual. Then her true master emerged. He was a Skull Lord. He was the original Proditor that had had been stopped trying to open the portal beneath the city. He had been killed but had returned from the dead as the monster he now was. He commanded the dead buried beneath the city to rise and attack the PCs.

After a vicious battle in which Jelvistra convinced her brother to fight on her side, the PCs managed to kill Jelvistra and her traitorous brother and destroy the evil Skull Lord. Then they broke the dagger releasing the souls of those trapped within.

Notable Notes

  • The PCs solved the mystery and saved the city of Mithrendain
  • The PCs freed the souls trapped within the dagger
  • Bulwark *officially joined the party
  • The PCs briefly had another member in *Seil *but only for a second
  • The PCs killed *Jelivistra and her brother
Citadel of the Feywild Part 1
Adventure #4 Part I

After finding the city of Mithrendain the only thing left for the PC’s to do was walk on in and so they did. They were immediately amazed by how strange and wonderful the city was with it’s twisting tree trunk buildings and its residiuum coated streets. They briefly considered trying to collect the residiuum but the hefty fine for doing so, permanent disfigurement with a branding iron and eventual exile from the city, prevented them from doing so.

They set out to explore the massive city of 40,000 eladrin but quickly found the city less than welcoming. While no one stopped them or told them to leave the city Strom and Breanna got a equal share of dirty looks and boorish stares. They discovered to their surprise that one of the inns in the city was owned by a drow named Kagen the Blackknife and they purchased a room at his inn. The next day, refreshed and ready they headed out to the great library in the Citadel Arcanum.

When they arrived they found a massive crowd of people gathered there and learned to their horror that the night before the sage who runs the library, Amaril, had been murdered. As Strom looked on he found a curious site among the thin and frail looking eladrin. Amid the crowd stood a seven foot tall warforged who demanded to speak to Amaril but the captain of the guard, an Eladrin named Hadari, blocked his way. Strom quickly intervened on the warforged’s behalf guiding him away before he could get himself in trouble.

Strom learned that the warforged was named Bulwark and he was hoping to speak to Amaril about his friend Saffrenia. Saffrenia had been taking care of Bulwark until she was attacked and put into a deep magical sleep more than a week ago. Bulwark had been crisscrossing the city trying to figure out what happened. Finally frustrated he had decided to visit the sage and ask him for help only to find the sage had been murdered.

Strom offered to help Bulwark and introduced him to the other PCs. After much initial mutual distrust they decided to work together and try to solve this mystery. They found out that Amaril the sage was not really dead. Just like Saffrenia he was in a deep sleep that seemed indicative of someone who has had their soul stripped away. What’s more is those two were not the only victims. There was a third, a con-artist named Brandis.

The PCs took this information to the Captain of the guard Hadari. They found him mysteriously wary of speaking with them. He told them to meet him at an inn on the outskirts of the city known as the Traveler’s Rest when the sun set. They went there at the appointed time but instead of Hadari they found a dragonborn calling himself Herrick. After speaking with him they found out Herrick was Hadari. He was a doppelganger.

He explained that he was trying to investigate the two assaults (he didn’t know about Saffrenia) but didn’t trust his own men. Several of them had failed to collect evidence and seemed to be watching him. He was growing paranoid. He didn’t know if he could trust the PC’s but decided, mainly because of BC’s true nature which he immediately sensed, that he could take a chance with them. He told them he was being pressured to reopen the library but worried that would destroy any chance he had of investigating the attack there. He asked the PC’s to break into the library and conduct the investigation for him. He gave them a key to the library but warned them that he couldn’t get them past the revelation spheres which guarded the library. To do that they would need a Watcher’s Signet Ring.

At that point Strom smelled smoke and noticed that while they were speaking someone had set the inn on fire! Several people were trapped in the burning inn as the fire spread at a furious pace. The PC’s, and Hadari, leapt to the rescue and managed to save every person including a young child and a traveling bard named Seil. With everyone out and safe the PCs gathered in the front of the burning inn. Hadari told them to scatter before the city guard came and then he took off. The PCs followed suit and disappeared into the city.

The next day they decided to ask around about purchasing a watcher’s signet ring. After some searching they heard talk that if anyone could get one it would be Kagen. They spoke with him and found out he was a friend of the sage Amaril. After they told him what their plans were he offered to give them a ring if it meant they could bring Amaril back. He did so and the PCs left.

That night they snuck into the catacombs beneath the city and used the rings to get by the revelation spheres and into the library. They encountered the trap door but instead of using the key Hadari gave them they picked the lock and broke in. Once inside they found the library to be overwhelming huge. They quickly realized without the sage’s help they would never find the information they sought. They split up to look for clues and found a note stuffed under the desk Amaril was sitting at when he was attacked.

The note spoke of a book that mentioned the Dagger of Arudial. After figuring the filing code for the books they found the book. It was called Lost Rituals of the Proditors and spoke of a group of eladrin who wished to serve the Formians as slaves. The most vile of their number, Paelias Valeneir, had created a ritual called the Dagger of Arudial. It could create a temporarily enchanted dagger that could absorb the souls of five specific individuals. He wished to use that energy to destroy the barrier beneath Mithrendain that kept the Formians from invading the city.

At that point the PCs heard sounds at the door. They hid among the shelves just as a dozen guards led by a black clad watcher of the night burst in. The guards, alerted by an informant, spread out to find the interloping worlders. Thinking quickly Ardia released her magic hound and the guards bunched up to attack it. The watcher slit its throat and the dog melted away to magic, but he had done his job in getting them close. Then Breanna blasted them with a web spell trapping them. The PCs took that opportunity to flee into the catacombs beneath the city.

Once they were free of the web the guards pursued the PCs who barely managed to escape being caught. After that they split up, each PC scattering to a different part of the city and with corrupt guards and secret-police like Watcher’s of the Night searching for them.

Notable Notes

  • The PCs explored Mithrendian
  • The PCs met Hadari and learned he is a doppelganger
  • The PCs met Bulwark
  • The PCs saved people from a burning building
  • Adari acquired a Watcher’s Signet Ring
  • The PCs were swept up into a murder mystery
On the Road to Mithrendain
Adventure #3

After defeating the Bloodreavers and killing their leader Sinruth the PCs made to leave the Sword Barrow. On the way out they found the Lord of Fallcrest waiting for them. He had finally gotten some of his old courage back and decided to help the PCs take on the Bloodreavers. Problem was he only got there after they had already done the deed. He was there in time to give them the gold he promised them and escort them back to Fallcrest.

Once they were back in town the PCs rested and cleaned up. The next morning they decided to speak to the wizard Nimrozoran and ask him for help in figuring out their next move. Once there Breanna spoke with the strange and aged wizard and convinced him to help them. After looking at the Ansible Nim told the PCs he had never seen anything like it before. After much thought he told the PCs that if they were to learn anything about the Ansible they must seek the great library at the Citadel Arcanum in the Feywild city of Mithrendain. Nim told them the library of Aegir might also have information but there best bet was to go to Mithrendain as the library there was far older and grander than the one in Aegir. Then Nim gave the PCs a map of the surrounding area and told them to be careful when traveling through the Feywild.

Now all the PCs needed was a way into the Feywild. Luckily they knew just such a place. After purchasing supplies they headed into the Harkenwood in search of the gnome tribe they had helped in the previous adventure. After tracking the tribe down they followed them through the shimmering portal into the mysterious and alien Feywild. There they found the trees and animals talked, the colors were bright and strange and the water was crystal clear and beautiful. But the beauty of the place hid a wild savagery that threatened the PCs at every turn.

Soon the PCs blundered into the gnome tribe. They were brought before the Chief Ipswick (real name Ipswickfereininesevendownsterunadialtaintooteline) and they told him they wish to get to Mithrendain. They were told Mithrendain was very far away and navigating the Feywild would be difficult since while the seasons were static (this was the land of endless Spring) the land shifted and moved. Very few places where in the same place twice. They would need a guide. As it happened the gnome chieftain was willing to offer them the services of their guide Boffin but first the PCs had to take care of a problem the gnomes were having.

For the past few weeks the normally nomadic gnomes (say that three times fast) were forced to stay in one place by a trio of Satyr brothers named Lamis, Leneus, and Lycon and their pet Owlbear. The brothers demanded weekly tribute and promised the gnomes that if they didn’t have it or if they left the brothers would hunt them down and kill them all. That’s why the gnomes had been so anxious to get the griffon egg back. They wanted the animals away before the Satyr brothers found them.

The Satyr brothers were due back in three days but not being one to wait the PCs decided to track them back to the cave where they lived. They used guile to lure the Satyr brothers into an ambush. After a fierce fight the PCs killed all three and their Owlbear pet. Upon hearing this the gnome chieftain declared the PCs gnome friends and gave them an enchanted horn that could alert them of danger. Here the PCs’ picked up another nickname, the Company of the Horn. After that Boffin offered to lead the PC’s to Mithrendain.

Thus began a massive month-long adventure that saw the PCs trekking through the Feywild. They encountered a massive moving swamp known as the Travelers Graveyard, a bridge over a 250 foot tall drop where they were ambushed by harpies and an ancient temple made of crystal where they were beset upon by a Pixie Swarm and Brownies flying on the back of giant purple wasps! The PCs were even attacked by intelligent talking badgers who attempted to steal their food in the night.

In addition to all that on the third night they spent in the Feywild Adria was contacted by a bizarre archfey named Ashmeal. While the others slept he called out to her and guided her away. He explained that she had entered the Feywild in violation of their agreement and he was going to strip her of her powers. She explained that she remembered no such part of their deal to which he replied “of course because I erased that part of the deal from your memory.” Because she had only broken her promise because he had erased it from her mind he decided to forgive her, if she brought him a Watcher’s Signet Ring worn by the Watcher’s of the Night in Mithrendain. She promised she would and he faded away. She did not know that Strom had heard her sneak away from camp and had followed her and had watched the whole exchange.

The worst ordeal of all though was the PCs attempting to understand the alien logic of the strange Feywild geography. For all their efforts and all the questions they asked of poor Boffin, the PCs could not wrap their heads around the idea that the seasons stayed the same but the land moved especially when some land was said not to move even if the distance to it changed from time to time.

After traveling for over a month the PCs finally found the city of Mithrendain. They had finally reached their goal. After a hearty goodbye to Boffin they made to enter the glorious eladrin city.

Notable Notes

  • The PCs went from Level 6 to Level 7!
  • The PCs met Chief Ipswick
  • The PCs killed the three Satyr brothers Lamis, Leneus and Lycon
  • The PCs were guided through the Feywild by Boffin
  • The PCs explored the Feywild
  • Adria made a deal with her fey patron Ashmael
  • The PCs found the city of Mithrendain
Trouble in Fallcrest Part 2
Adventure #2 Part II

After speaking with Meepo the PCs took time to discuss things amongst themselves. They suddenly had numerous things to do in town and they had to prioritize. The first and most important thing was figuring out who the 7’ tall purple bugbear was and why he was claiming to be their friend. They talked things over with Strom and he explained that he had initially just wanted to meet the lord but now things were a little different. He had heard about the Bloodreavers who were supposed to be a nasty goblin tribe that was kidnapping other humanoids throughout this area. If what Meepo said was true they were raising some sort of army of vile mutants and were going to unleash it on this town. Strom explained that he didn’t want to see that happen anymore than the other PCs and he offered to help.

The women debated it for a while, BC and Adria both felt that Strom couldn’t be trusted but Krin and Breanna weren’t so sure. Splug spoke up for Strom saying that he seemed like a nice goblin which began Splug and Strom bonding. After hearing what they were going to likely encounter the PCs decided to let Strom come with them but first BC wanted a little test to see if they could trust him. They all found rooms at the inn, Strom and Splug staying in a room apart from the women, and decided to meet up first thing in the morning and discuss their options.

After a hearty breakfast the next morning the PCs decided to handle a smaller mission before tackling the larger job of taking the Bloodreavers or recovering the mysterious artifact. Strom told them about the farmer Jeril and so they decided to go talk to him. They found him at his farm near the Harkenwood forest. He told his story to the other PCs and promised them his grandmother’s magical boots if they helped him. They spent the day at his farm getting to know his three young sons Alain (20), Quinn (16) and William (12). As the sun set sure enough a sneaky group of vandals came out of the woods but they weren’t really vandals and they weren’t invisible, at least not at first. They were gnomes and after a brief fight the PCs managed to get things calmed down so they could talk it over.

They learned that while taking a walk out in the world the gnome tribe had found a mother griffon who had been shot down by archers and she had her eggs with her. They couldn’t save her but they vowed to protect the eggs and took them with them. Unfortunately one of their number dropped an egg which one of Jeril’s young sons had found and took with him. The gnomes assumed the human farmers were keeping the egg to sell and had been vandalizing the farm to get it back. After confronting his son Jeril turned the now hatched and flying griffon baby back over to the gnomes. They blew on a magic horn which summoned an adult griffon to take the babies and then they thanked the PCs and left. Jeril thanked them as well and gave them his grandmother’s magic boots.

The next day BC decided they needed one more test before they took on the larger battles. They picked up a flyer on a bar which promised to pay brave souls much gold if they spent a night in the haunted Ivory Tower. They found the person who had made the flyer was named Orest Naerumar. He had bought the tower as a second home and wanted to renovate it but the construction team believed it was haunted and wouldn’t work on it. He needed some people to spend the night there proving it wasn’t haunted and he would pay well. The PCs agreed and spent the night in the tower. Halfway through the night they were startled to discover the tower was haunted after all! They were attacked by the ghost of a young demon summoner named Valinae and her imp servants. They destroyed her and the imps and collected their payment from Orest. Afterwards, feeling that Orest tricked them and hoping to mess with his plans, BC had the group spread rumors that the tower was still haunted. If that bothered Orest he did not confront the PCs about it.

After that the PCs decided to go after the artifact first. They went to kobold hall and fought past numerous kobold traps and devious kobold warriors. At the bottom of kobold hall they found the great evil that had terrified Meepo was a young green dragon named Szartharrax. Szartharrax had invaded Kobold hall and subjugated the kobolds living there turning them into his servants. When Meepo had come into the hall he had took the artifact from her and barely let her flee with her life. When the PCs came into his lair Szartharrax turned his full might on them. The PCs fought a titanic battle and finally killed the vile green dragon (not to be confused with the jolly green giant) and went through her treasure. There Krin found the intelligent hammer Pax and Strom found the artifact Meepo spoke of.

It was a small metal box overlaid in intricate gears and strange runic symbols and was wrapped in thick cloth. When Strom showed it to the group Adria touched it and it opened like a mechanical flower then projected a beam of white light into Adria’s mind. She had a vision of herself in a room of endless white. A dark shadowy figure approached (the Dark Man) her and demanded to know who she was and where was Sinruth. When she didn’t answer he scanned her mind learning her names and the names of her friends. Then he ordered her to destroy the artifact.

Finding herself free of the white light Adria moved to smash the box destroying it, but Strom and Breanna were quicker. Breanna had immediately identified Adria’s bizarre glassy-eyed stare as mind control and knew she must not be allowed to destroy the box. She called out to Strom who slashed Adria with his rapier while Breanna used a spell to whip the box out of Adria’s hand. The pain of the slash snapped Adria out of it but she blasted Strom anyway. She told the others what had happened and they very carefully laid the box in the thick cloth and packed it away.

BC surmised that whoever the dark man was he must want them to destroy the box for a reason. She figured that the box might somehow show where his base was or something. Either they had to protect it.

After that the PCs continued onto the sword barrow. They entered the stone tomb and there they found a site that chilled them. The Bloodreavers had been conducting horrific experiments on captured goblins and other creatures and even on themselves and the symbol of the Elder Elemental Eye was everywhere. The PCs fought past numerous disgusting mutants and other foul beasts and freed the captured test subjects. They confronted the leader of the Bloodreavers, the aforementioned Sinruth. He ordered his forces to attack and the battle was joined. The PCs fought hard and killed him and his soldiers. After exploring they found Sinruth’s journal which was written in a mad rambling prose and encrypted by a simple code. After solving the code the PCs read about the artifact, what Sintruth called the Ansible, and how the experiments were done in an attempt to open a door for his master.

What all that means was still confusing to the PCs. They pocketed the journal and with one final search to make sure they had killed everything that needed killing, they left the sword barrow.

Notable Notes

  • The PCs went from level 4 to level 6!
  • Strom officially became a member of the party
  • The PCs met Orest Naerumar
  • The PCs completed the Ghost Hunter sidequest
  • The PCs completed the Farmer’s Lament sidequest
  • The PCs completed the Kobold Hall main quest
  • The PCs completed the Bloodreavers of the Sword Barrow main quest
  • Krin found the intelligent hammer Pax
  • The PCs acquired the Ansible
  • The PCs met and killed Sinruth
  • Adria met the Dark Man who read her mind
  • The PCs learned more about the Prophecy
  • The PCs killed a dragon!
Trouble in Fallcrest
Adventure #2 Part I

After saving the village of Winterhaven, and being declared heroes of Winterhaven, the PCs decided to leave the village and continue exploring the larger world. Although the Prophecy foretold by the dust hag scared them they believed they had stopped it from coming to pass by closing the Shadowfell rift. They met with a merchant in Winterhaven who hired them on as guards for one of his trips to the town of Fallcrest. After a short and uneventful trip the PCs arrived in the town of Fallcrest. The four young women had never been to such a sizable town before and found it a tad overwhelming at first. They immediately set out to explore the town, drink some fine ale and have a good time.

Meanwhile the bugbear Stromozone had come to Fallcrest from a different direction. Although he considered the small town to be somewhat provincial and backwater he still decided that this was the best place to begin his career as a traveling juggler. He quickly staked out a corner and began to juggle. Soon he was beset upon by the local thieves guild who were really just a group of thugs calling themselves a thieves guild. They made him pay for the right to be on the streets which he did. Then Strom tried to settle in and spend the little bit of coin the guild had let him keep by finding drink at a local inn.

He arrived at the tavern just as an old farmer named Jeril was was being kicked out for bothering the other drinkers. Strom stopped to ask the man what was wrong and was greeted with a sad tale. The man claimed that invisible vandals were destroying his farm. He claimed they attacked every night, sowing his fields with salt and throwing rocks through his windows and their attacks were getting worse. He feared he would lose his farm or his sanity if he didn’t get some help. Strom promised to help him and agreed to meet the man the next day. The farmer thanked him and Strom continued into the tavern to get some drink.

As Strom drank and ate the ladies continued their explorations. They found many curious sites, including flyers hung throughout the city calling for brave souls to spend a night in a haunted tower. Since the pay was good BC decided they should follow up on this offer as soon as they had a bite to eat. As luck would have it they ended up at the same tavern as Strom and were amazed to find a big purple furred bugbear among the drinkers.

They had all just settled into their meals when guards entered the tavern asking for anyone who spoke draconic. Breanna raised her hand. The guards explained the Lord of the city needed to see her at once. Seeing a great opportunity to meet the city’s lord and further his entertainment career Strom quickly slipped next to a stunned Breanna, telling the guards he was her friend and bodyguard and had to come with her. Not really caring who came as long as they got who they were sent for the guards took them all.

When they were brought before the lord he told them something dark had happened. A kobold, female by the markings on her face and body, had stumbled through the gate sick and weak and with a massive growth on her neck. She was rambling in draconic and none of the officials or guards could speak it since the wizard Nimrozoran was away on business. The lord feared that she may carry grave tidings and wanted to hear what she was saying. Breanna translated. The kobold, Meepo was her name, explained that for over a year she had been held captive by the Bloodreavers, a sadistic group of goblins that were conducting horrific experiments in the sword barrow. Finally she had managed to escape but not before stealing a magical artifact which she figured was somehow important to their dark doings. She ran back to her old home in Kobold Hall only to find a great evil had taken over while she was held captive by the Bloodreavers. This evil had taken the artifact and she had fled. She didn’t know where else to go. Then to the PC’s horror Meepo drew the symbol she had seen the Bloodreavers use. It was the symbol of the Elder Elemental Eye that they seen in their prophecy and it was written in Meepo’s blood just as the dust hag foretold. The Prophecy was coming true! Having finally given the warning to someone Meepo fell silent and quickly passed away.

Fearing what this means the lord asked the PCs to meet with him early the next morning and discuss what they were to do next. The PCs were even more concerned because it appeared that they had not stopped the Prophecy by closing the Shadowfell rift as they had initially thought.

Notable Notes

  • The Bugbear Stromozone joined the party as a PC!
  • The PC’s arrived at Fallcrest
  • The PC’s worked as guards for Baiwin Wilarson
  • The PCs met the farmer Jeril
  • The PCs began four quests!
  • The PCs met Meepo who died shortly after
  • The PCs learned they had not stopped the Prophecy
Keep on the Shadowfell
Adventure #1

The first four PC’s in the party (BC, Breanna, Adria and Krin) set out from the village of Veil where they were born and where they had come of age. As part of an ancient tradition that had existed in the village since shortly after its founding more than 100 years ago, the PCs had to undergo what is called their Passage. According to that tradition everyone in the village who comes of age there must spend one year living outside of the village. After one year they can return if they so choose or they can continue to live in the larger world and never return. For safety reasons Youth who undergo the Passage are sent out in groups of at least four and our PC’s were no exception.

The youngest of this group finally having come of age the four were grouped together as one which was not difficult since they had been lifelong friends. After a party in their honor the PCs were given basic instructions. They were going to be woken up early the next morning, blindfolded and led to a spot somewhere outside the village so that even they do not know its true location. They would be given basic supplies and that’s all, no one from the village may assist them in anyway. After one year exactly if they wish to return to the village they may return to the spot they were left and from there be returned to the village. Other than that what happens is up to them.

As explained the PCs were given a party and the next morning led blindfolded to a spot on the side of a road. When they removed the blindfold they found whoever had brought them here was gone and they were alone. They found bags of basic supplies and weapons and a note from their mentor, and Breanna’s trainer in the mystic arts, Kemia. She told them to travel to the village of Winterhaven and from there go onto greater things.

They followed the advice. On the road to Winterhaven they were attacked by kobold brigands but managed to kill their attackers. They continued onto Winterhaven and met the lord of that village who told them a sad tale of how kobolds were raiding travelers on the road and killing innocents who venture too far from the village. The PCs decided to do something about it. They found the kobold layer and bravely entered. After a fight with the kobold leader (a buff goblin named Irontooth) and his army they won through, although Krin and BC were both killed.

Breanna and Krin managed to get the funds together to raise their friends. Among the stolen kobold treasure they found a note from someone named Kalarel who intended to open a portal to the Shadowfell and raise an army of undead. After investigating this the PCs learned that he was a priest of a cult of Orcus and was trying to open a portal in the nearby keep. The PCs entered the keep and fought through its many guardians and traps. Along the way they met and befriended a goblin named Splug who had been thrown in jail for cheating his fellow goblins. They freed him and he quickly joined their party. Although distrustful of him at first the PCs quickly made Splug a valued member of their party, even if all he does is clean their weapons for them.

Shortly after that the PCs returned to Winterhaven to find that Kalarel had ordered his spy to raise the dead in the local cemetery and destroy the village. The PCs fought the risen dead and destroyed them all, even putting Ninaran (Kalarel’s dust hag agent) to the sword. Before she died however Ninaran spoke a dark prophecy and showed the PCs visions of a world on fire. Then she closed her eyes for the last time. Shaken by this vision the PCs rested before returning to the keep.

After returning to the keep the PCs fought through many more guards and guardians eventually confronted Kalarel himself just as he was about to open the portal. With careful planning and tactics the PCs managed to defeat Kalarel and his servants. They killed him and left his body under tons of rubble from the collapsing keep, which began to fall apart after they shut down the portal. They escaped the destruction and returned to Winterhaven as heroes.

Notable Notes

  • The PCs left Veil
  • The PCs went from level 1 to level 4!
  • The PCs visited Winterhaven
  • BC acquired Aecris from Sir Keegan.
  • The PCs found out about the Keep on the Shadowfell.
  • The PCs met Splugand he joined their party.
  • The PCs heard the Prophecy.
  • The PCs were called the Heroes of Winterhaven.
  • The PCs killed Irontooth and Balgron the Fat.
  • The PCs killed Kalarel
  • The PCs closed the Shadowfell Rift and destroyed the keep
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