On the Road to Mithrendain

Adventure #3

After defeating the Bloodreavers and killing their leader Sinruth the PCs made to leave the Sword Barrow. On the way out they found the Lord of Fallcrest waiting for them. He had finally gotten some of his old courage back and decided to help the PCs take on the Bloodreavers. Problem was he only got there after they had already done the deed. He was there in time to give them the gold he promised them and escort them back to Fallcrest.

Once they were back in town the PCs rested and cleaned up. The next morning they decided to speak to the wizard Nimrozoran and ask him for help in figuring out their next move. Once there Breanna spoke with the strange and aged wizard and convinced him to help them. After looking at the Ansible Nim told the PCs he had never seen anything like it before. After much thought he told the PCs that if they were to learn anything about the Ansible they must seek the great library at the Citadel Arcanum in the Feywild city of Mithrendain. Nim told them the library of Aegir might also have information but there best bet was to go to Mithrendain as the library there was far older and grander than the one in Aegir. Then Nim gave the PCs a map of the surrounding area and told them to be careful when traveling through the Feywild.

Now all the PCs needed was a way into the Feywild. Luckily they knew just such a place. After purchasing supplies they headed into the Harkenwood in search of the gnome tribe they had helped in the previous adventure. After tracking the tribe down they followed them through the shimmering portal into the mysterious and alien Feywild. There they found the trees and animals talked, the colors were bright and strange and the water was crystal clear and beautiful. But the beauty of the place hid a wild savagery that threatened the PCs at every turn.

Soon the PCs blundered into the gnome tribe. They were brought before the Chief Ipswick (real name Ipswickfereininesevendownsterunadialtaintooteline) and they told him they wish to get to Mithrendain. They were told Mithrendain was very far away and navigating the Feywild would be difficult since while the seasons were static (this was the land of endless Spring) the land shifted and moved. Very few places where in the same place twice. They would need a guide. As it happened the gnome chieftain was willing to offer them the services of their guide Boffin but first the PCs had to take care of a problem the gnomes were having.

For the past few weeks the normally nomadic gnomes (say that three times fast) were forced to stay in one place by a trio of Satyr brothers named Lamis, Leneus, and Lycon and their pet Owlbear. The brothers demanded weekly tribute and promised the gnomes that if they didn’t have it or if they left the brothers would hunt them down and kill them all. That’s why the gnomes had been so anxious to get the griffon egg back. They wanted the animals away before the Satyr brothers found them.

The Satyr brothers were due back in three days but not being one to wait the PCs decided to track them back to the cave where they lived. They used guile to lure the Satyr brothers into an ambush. After a fierce fight the PCs killed all three and their Owlbear pet. Upon hearing this the gnome chieftain declared the PCs gnome friends and gave them an enchanted horn that could alert them of danger. Here the PCs’ picked up another nickname, the Company of the Horn. After that Boffin offered to lead the PC’s to Mithrendain.

Thus began a massive month-long adventure that saw the PCs trekking through the Feywild. They encountered a massive moving swamp known as the Travelers Graveyard, a bridge over a 250 foot tall drop where they were ambushed by harpies and an ancient temple made of crystal where they were beset upon by a Pixie Swarm and Brownies flying on the back of giant purple wasps! The PCs were even attacked by intelligent talking badgers who attempted to steal their food in the night.

In addition to all that on the third night they spent in the Feywild Adria was contacted by a bizarre archfey named Ashmeal. While the others slept he called out to her and guided her away. He explained that she had entered the Feywild in violation of their agreement and he was going to strip her of her powers. She explained that she remembered no such part of their deal to which he replied “of course because I erased that part of the deal from your memory.” Because she had only broken her promise because he had erased it from her mind he decided to forgive her, if she brought him a Watcher’s Signet Ring worn by the Watcher’s of the Night in Mithrendain. She promised she would and he faded away. She did not know that Strom had heard her sneak away from camp and had followed her and had watched the whole exchange.

The worst ordeal of all though was the PCs attempting to understand the alien logic of the strange Feywild geography. For all their efforts and all the questions they asked of poor Boffin, the PCs could not wrap their heads around the idea that the seasons stayed the same but the land moved especially when some land was said not to move even if the distance to it changed from time to time.

After traveling for over a month the PCs finally found the city of Mithrendain. They had finally reached their goal. After a hearty goodbye to Boffin they made to enter the glorious eladrin city.

Notable Notes

  • The PCs went from Level 6 to Level 7!
  • The PCs met Chief Ipswick
  • The PCs killed the three Satyr brothers Lamis, Leneus and Lycon
  • The PCs were guided through the Feywild by Boffin
  • The PCs explored the Feywild
  • Adria made a deal with her fey patron Ashmael
  • The PCs found the city of Mithrendain


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