Descent into the Forgotten City Part I

When we last left our off with our merry band of PCs they had just helped young Splug successfully prove himself to the Chief of the Bonetooth tribe of goblins by winning the Death Race in the tunnels outside of Greywall.

After crossing the finish line Splug was quickly surrounded by screaming fans and a grinning Chieftain who gave him a hearty slap on the back and pronounced that the wedding would proceed without delay. Before he could even thank his friends Splug was swept away to begin the wedding plan which was set to happen that very night. As Splug made his preparations for his wedding the PCs prepared to climb the Frostfall peaks towards the lost Primogen city.

After trying unsuccessfully to find a guide they can trust the PCs decided to purchase a map and try to make the trip themselves. While they were purchasing the map one of Splug’s new goblin attendants found the PCs and invited them to the wedding. Splug asked Strom to give him away as in goblin tradition it is the goblin male who is given away and not the female. Splug snuck away and found the other PCs and they all shared a tearful goodbye. After much hugs and promises not to forget each other Splug returned to his tent to get ready for the wedding.

It was beautiful for a goblin wedding. Splug and Grekta were wed and with one final wave back towards his friends Splug was taken away towards his new life. After the wedding was over Bulwark told Strom some news of his own. He had found a group of humans that needed a guide out of town. Deciding he was no longer interested in following Strom around, and looking forward to “accidentally” seeing the insides of some of these hapless humans, Bulwark decided to leave the group. After a goodbye from the strange metal man, Bulwark left.

The PCs spent the night in a comfortable inn and then the next morning purchased supplies for the their long hike (including warm clothes and snowshoes). That’s how they began what became a grueling two week hike where they climbed up steep hills, ascended the sheer sides of many cliffs and trudged through thick snow. They were beset by biting wind, and freezing temperatures and had only the map to guide them.

Nearly two weeks in there was an accident. Breanna, overcome by the cold, mistakenly led the others over a cliff and Breanna almost fell to her death, barely managing to teleport to safety. Then she found what the map was leading them to, a tunnel through a cave in the mountain that led to the valley where the Primogen city lay. Exhausted from their ordeal the PCs clambered up the cliff and entered the cave like tunnel where they found walls of crystallized ice.

After a brief rest BC and Strom explored the tunnel. There they found a mighty adult white dragon named Graundulaug who demanded to know what they were doing in its lair. BC tried to talk her way out of it but when the dragon demanded her sword Aecris BC knew she would have to fight. With a primal yell of defiance she drew her sword and attacked the beast.

Alerted by BC’s yell and the dragon’s subsequent roar the others rushed forward and joined the battle. Spells of fire shattered ice into a thousand shards, swords and crossbow bolts nicked across dragon scales, and mighty dragon claws swept aside attackers. Adria managed to summon a Hunger of Hadar but the cagey dragon flew up to crash down too far away to be pushed back into the dark shadows. Then it unleashed it’s breath weapon. A cone of cold that nearly froze the PCs solid tore through them as the mighty dragon bore down on them. BC and Krin fell before its assault but their teammates quickly revived them.

They responded in kind battering it with every spell and power they had finally cracking its scales, breaking its leg and knocking out its eye. As it rose up to make one final attack Strom sent a volley of arrows thudding into its body and it finally fell down dead.

After exploring the cave, and finding the dragon’s horde (along with the corpses of others who entered the dragon’s lair) the PCs decorated their cloaks and helms with dragon scales (Krin even made a crown of dragon teeth) and they spent the night resting in the relatively warm cave.

The next morning they set out across the snow covered valley. Three days of travel later they found themselves in the center of the valley which they began to recognize from their vision. Then a strange storm with green lightning appeared and grew in intensity. The PCs tried to bury themselves in the ice for protection but the storm was so powerful it froze them even in their makeshift shelter. Recognizing that the storm was not natural Breanna came up with a daring plan. She strode bravely out into the storm, facing the full fury of the unnatural weather and unleashed a spell of dispelling magic. So powerful was her magic that she managed to disperse the storm for just long enough for the PCs to race across the valley.

Then Strom spotted a light in the distance and the PCs raced towards its source. As the storm picked back up shrinking Breanna’s magic protection the PCs ran on. They found the source of the light was a stone edifice of apparently dwarven construction. A sign on a fence surrounding the structure but buried by snow, declared this place to be the Raker Asylum for the Diseased. As the PCs reacted to this ominous information the storm broke through Breanna’s shield and raged down on them. With no other choice the PCs quickly picked the lock on the Asylum and entered.

Notable Notes

  • The PCs went from 8th level to 9th level!
  • Bulwark left the group
  • The PCs fought and killed a white dragon.
  • Splug was married and left the group
  • The PCs found Raker’s Asylum for the Diseased.
  • The PCs entered the valley where the Primogen city was located.


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