Death Race at Greywall

At the conclusion of the last adventure the PCs found themselves back in the town of Fallcrest covered in soot from the collapsing building and standing in the circle of stones in the Ivory Tower. They had barely made it out of Brassmoon alive. Orest thanked them for their help saving him, then together they all left the Ivory Tower on the boat that Orest had docked there several months before.

Now back in Fallcrest the PCs first priority, according to BC, was to get cleaned up and have something to eat so they found the nearest inn and purchased some rooms. The next morning they went out to have a look around and find out what’s happened since they left. The first they noticed was it was considerably colder, which shouldn’t be too surprising since months had passed, but it was a tad colder than it should be this early in the season.

After making sure there was no lingering magical affect at play, at least none they could detect, the PCs took a walk around town. While on this walk the PCs made a distressing discovery. The old crazy woman that had approached them right before they left for the Feywild, right after they cleaned out the barrow, had killed her daughter and hung herself. About a month ago, for no reason anyone in town could see, the woman stabbed her sleeping daughter in the chest with a kitchen knife then hung herself from a tree in the center of town. Everyone in town was so shaken up by the brutality of the murder/suicide that Lord Markely ordered the tree to be turned into a memorial and fresh flowers to be placed at it every day since it happened.

The PCs were very disturbed by this but continued exploring the town. Strom bumped into Jeril, the farmer whose farm they had saved from the gnomes. He was very happy to see them, especially Strom, and offered to cook them dinner at his farm. He also told them that Torbular, apprentice to the wizard Nim, had been asking around town about them trying to see if they had come back from wherever they went to. They decided to go speak to the wizard and find out about this.

Once there Nim clumsily tried to mention the secret town of Veil without letting Strom or Bulwark know what he was talking about. BC arranged for Nim to speak with Breanna and Adria in private while he took Strom and Bulwark away. Once alone with the girls Nim explained that he knew their master Kemia. In fact, like Breanna, Nim was one of Kemia’s apprentices. This startled the women who were surprised that Kemia, who looks at most to be in her late 30’s, could be Nim’s master when he looks like he’s 65 if he’s a day. Nim explained that Kemia does not age like normal people and is in fact much older than she appears. He told them that Kemia is not human but refused to elaborate, telling them that they have to ask Kemia about that.

Nim went on to tell them that after they left for the Feywild Kemia showed up in Fallcrest. She had had a terrible vision about them and wanted to check and make sure they were all right. She ended up staying for a while, even left a gift of four speaking stones for them, but a few weeks ago she had another vision, this one she refused to tell Nim about. Whatever it was it spooked her and she left at once for the town of Aegir. She forbade them from following her, telling Nim to tell them (if they came back to Fallcrest) that they were to continue doing whatever they were doing. She was very worried. Then she left. Nim didn’t think the PCs would ever come back to Fallcrest.

They then told Nim what the eladrin sage had said about the ansible and what the ansible had showed them (the location of the mother stone). Nim suggested they leave at once and go north as quickly as possible. Once Breanna and Adria met up with the others, and told them more or less what Nim said (much less in the case of Bulwark, Strom and Splug) they decided he was right. They had to leave right away. That meant skipping out on the dinner they promised to have at Jeril’s farm but they hoped the farmer would understand. BC spoke to Lord Markelay and convinced him to give them fresh horses to replace the ones they lost (while Bulwark wrestled a giant lizard he found on a river bank and made it his mount). Then they purchased passage on the river.

For three days they sailed the river north of Fallcrest making their way deep into the forest and finally emerging in a lake on the other side. Then they traveled for another day before coming into a hill covered area. It was cold and getting colder, but they had purchased supplies before leaving Fallcrest and were fine. They were in the middle of their second day in the hilly area when they heard a scream. Following the sound they saw a small war party of gnolls chasing what appeared to be three young boys. Thinking quickly they got ahead of the gnolls and managed to ambush them. They fell on the gnolls like the fury of an angry god and in no time they had put every one of the rampaging beasts to the blade, all except for one who escaped.

When they looked at the boys they saved they found them to be three young Orc lads. The oldest was named Cord. They were not like typical orcs. They were dressed and besides being frightened they were polite and grateful for having their lives saved. They told the PCs they came from a town to the north called Greywall and that every year the Slaughterfang Gnolls rampage. They were supposed to watch the gnolls and report back to Greywall if they turned towards town but when they saw the gnolls about to run over a human farm they knew they couldn’t let it happen. They picked off a few gnolls and got the entire pack to chase them. They’ve been chasing them for three days when the PCs rescued them.

Cord asked them to escort him and his friends safely to Greywall and the PCs agreed. Once there they met Cord’s father Grumgal, who was worried about his son. Grumgal was thankful for the PC’s rescuing his boy and he offered to take the PCs through town and buy them dinner. The PCs found Greywall to be one of the stranger places they’ve seen. It is a mix of nearly every species that thinks freely including Orcs, Ogres, Minotaurs, Harpies, Medusas, Goblins, Kobolds as well as Dwarves, Halflings and Humans. They even passed a few Doppleganger’s on their way around. They found out that Trolls are used as food (known as Grist), that Doppleganger’s act as escorts, and that there was a section of town built for the small races known as Little Greywall.

After stopping to eat and drink the PCs were feeling pretty good. They listened to great music, saw a dancing Doppleganger who changed shape in time to music, and ate decent and not too expensive food. Strom visited the brothel Veils and Splug took a trip alone through Little Greywall. They had a good time until the next morning when Grumgal arrived with bad news. During the night Splug had seduced a female goblin who just happened to be daughter of the Chieftain of the Bonetooth tribe. The Chieftain was calling for Splug’s execution.

The PCs threw off their hangovers and went to the courthouse to argue Splug’s case before a Medusa Magistrate. They finally got the Chieftain to agree that if Splug could prove himself worthy of marrying the girl then he could marry her and wouldn’t have to be executed. Splug was, not surprisingly, okay with that. But to prove Splug worthy the Chieftain wanted him to participate in and win, a death race through the tunnels of the underdark behind Greywall.

The PCs worked it so they could all race alongside Splug and thus work to guarantee that he wins. Then they bribed a few racers to throw the race, convinced a few others to quit before the race starts and used every other trick they could think of. On the day of the race they all chose their mounts. Adria, Bulwark, Krin and Strom all chose to ride strong and fast underdark lizards, while Breanna and Splug rode giant bats and BC rode a Wyvern.

The race was a fast and brutal affair through twisting underground tunnels, over giant pools of acid that sprayed gouts of brutal fumes, through a freezing cold waterfall, into a room of glittering crystals, and through tight corridors. Despite dealing with stubborn and clumsy mounts, Adria, Bulwark and Krin were able to take off a side passage after three minotaur brothers which involved them in a nasty fight in the tight constrains. BC and Strom kept up with Splug beating back any rider who got close to passing him while Splug poured his goblin heart into riding as fast as he could. Strom sent volleys of blades and bolts into the other riders, dusting a vampire into ash and sending a few others tumbling into rock. But he missed his turn and had to disappear into a side tunnel off the beaten path which resulted in him almost getting eaten by a Roper and nearly getting lost in the underdark tunnels.

Meanwhile Breanna struggled to keep her stubborn bat under control but a clever use of ghost sound allowed her to take out another rider. Despite this she was unable to calm her mount as she crossed the acid pool and was nearly blasted into bits by a spurt of burning liquid. She barely made it out alive.

Finally it was neck and neck. The minotaur brothers were racing up the tunnels and the last flying rider, a drow on a Wyvern, was gaining on Splug. But there was light at the end as the finish line neared ever closer. Splug poured everything he had into it but the drow was gaining on him. BC saw her chance. She spurred her mount forward and reaching out a hand she grabbed the drow by his long white tresses and yanked him off his mount! He went tumbling away smacking hard into a stone wall and Splug crossed the finish line in first place.

Notable Notes

  • The PCs discovered Greywall
  • Splug lost his virginity
  • The PCs found out Kemia is not human and that Nim is her apprentice
  • Strom took 6 things off his bucket list


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