Citadel of the Feywild Part 2

Adventure #4 Part II

After having narrowly escaped being caught by the Watcher’s of the Night the PCs scattered throughout the city of Mithrendain. Krin, Breanna and Adria fled to the church of Moradin where Krin had befriended the local priest. The priest gladly let them stay hiding them out in the church’s basement. Bulwark and Strom fled into the city and along the way encountered Splug who had dire news for them. While Splug was staying at the Waystop Inn the head of the Watcher’s of the Night, a burly eladrin named Ammon Bassari, came looking for Kagen. They spoke briefly and Kagen was carted away but before he did he managed to warn Splug that the Watcher’s were coming for the PC’s. Splug had been looking through the city ever since trying to find the PCs to warn them of the ambush but of course he was too late.

Strom decided to take that chance to climb up on the roof and have a look around the city leaving Bulwark and Splug in the alleyway. Meanwhile BC disguised herself as an eladrin woman and hid out until the guards pursuing her left. Then she went through the city looking for the others. She found Bulwark in the alleyway and approached but forgot to remove her disguise. When Strom saw an eladrin woman sneaking up on his friend he jumped down behind her and grabbed her. Now with her mouth gagged BC couldn’t explain herself. She saw Splug looking frightened and narrowed her eyes dangerously in an attempt to scare him. That angered Strom who smashed BC’s face into the wall.

After that BC, thinking quickly, explained that she was really Hadari in disguise. After explaining herself she convinced Strom that this was true and he let her go. Then she went to look for the others. Bulwark and Strom hid out at Saffrenia’s house while BC spent all night looking for the others, eventually finding them in the church.

The next morning the PCs read over the book they had taken from the library. It described the ritual that would absorb the souls of five individuals representing the five virtues of serenity: Faith, Bravery, Compassion, Intellect and Cunning. The PCs realized that the only remaining victims that hadn’t been taken were ones representing Faith and Bravery. They immediately thought of brave Hadari and went to tell him of what they found. He had news for them as well. The High Moon Festival Ball was being held that night. It’s a celebration that happens every year and it allows the common people to mingle with the city’s rich elites. The whole city was preparing for this and would be attending including the high priest of Correllon. The PCs realized that would be when the people behind these attacks would strike again. Hadari wanted the PCs to attend the ball. He gave them expensive clothes he had bought for that purpose and he gave Strom magical bracers that could summon daggers.

Then BC took Hadari aside and explained how she had pretended to be him and how Strom had attacked her. Hadari was angry at Strom for attacking what could have been an innocent citizen out for a stroll but he decided to put aside his anger until the attackers were brought to justice.

That night the ball happened and it was in full swing. The PCs mingled among the crowd trying to locate the killers. Adari saw something suspicious. Rich Jelvistra Theyak, daughter of councilman Veyan Theyak, who was supposed to be Saffrenia’s friend, was acting strange. Adari asked her a few questions and found Jelvistra was faking her sadness over her missing friend. Then Jelvistra had Adari kicked out of her tent.

A few moments later savage fey monsters erupted from tunnels beneath the tents and attacked! The PCs rushed forward to protect the high priest engaging the attacking monsters in a furious battle. Seil, the bard the PCs had saved from the fire, returned the favor by helping them guide the panicked crowd out of the tent. Then dozens of Watcher’s of the Night appeared and attacked the monsters. With the Watcher’s of the Nights help the PCs were able to quickly overcome the monsters. They followed the tunnel down below and there found Kagen standing over the body of a young priest who was in a deep coma like the other victims and he had sleeping poison on him. Furthermore the Watchers were missing their leader Amon.

The Watchers moved to take Kagen into custody but the PCs intervened wanting to know what he knew first. Kagen explained Amon threatened him with exile if he didn’t rat out the PCs which he did but he claimed he didn’t kill the priest. He says Amon let him go and then on his way out he was attacked by Jelvistra’s brother. He saw mud on his shoes even though it hadn’t been raining. The PCs realized he must be underground near a water source. Kagen knew the place and PCs left him in the custody of councilman Fleorn while they rushed to investigate. The Watchers, believing Kagen was the culprit, did not follow.

The PCs rushed to the location underground with the small pool of water. There the PCs found Amon in the same magical coma, Jelivstra’s brother with a gaping knife wound and his father, Veyan Theyak, floating dead in the water. The PCs saved the brother’s life and he explained what was going on. He explained that a great evil had corrupted Jelvistra and convinced her to be evil. Together they hatched a plan that would open the portal beneath the city. It was to culminate on the festival of high moon when everyone defending the city would be distracted. To add to that Jelvistra made a deal with a bunch of Banshrae. She would let them into the city and they would rampage. That way all the guards and watchers would be too busy fighting to stop her plan from happening.

She killed Saffrenia and drained her soul. Her father saw and covered up for her. Jelvistra convinced her brother to join her side. Her brother killed Brandis. Their father covered up for him too. She killed the sage. Hadari started asking questions so the father had him followed. When the PCs started asking questions he had them followed as well. When he found out they were at the Traveler’s Rest he had it burned to the ground to scare them off. When that didn’t work he gave an anonymous tip to the watchers that the PCs were up to no good and Kagen knew where they were.

After arresting Kagen Amon interrogated him but determined he had nothing to do with the attacks and let him go but Jelvistra’s brother was lying in wait. He jumped Kagen and knocked him out. Jelvistra attacked the priest of Moradin and took his soul. The pavilions went up and the festival ball started. Adria’s talking to Jelvistra made her nervous. She ordered the rampage early and along with her brother snuck into the catacombs but she didn’t know her father was following her.

Jelvistra had convinced Amon to meet her at the water pool and true to his word he was there. She managed to get close enough to stab him in the chest draining his soul but her father saw her do it. That was the last straw. He had enough with covering up for her and tried to stop so she killed him. Her brother was appalled that she killed her father and attacked her so she stabbed him and left him for dead.

After hearing the story the PCs healed the brother and ran after Jelivstra. They found her just as she was about to complete the dark ritual. Then her true master emerged. He was a Skull Lord. He was the original Proditor that had had been stopped trying to open the portal beneath the city. He had been killed but had returned from the dead as the monster he now was. He commanded the dead buried beneath the city to rise and attack the PCs.

After a vicious battle in which Jelvistra convinced her brother to fight on her side, the PCs managed to kill Jelvistra and her traitorous brother and destroy the evil Skull Lord. Then they broke the dagger releasing the souls of those trapped within.

Notable Notes

  • The PCs solved the mystery and saved the city of Mithrendain
  • The PCs freed the souls trapped within the dagger
  • Bulwark *officially joined the party
  • The PCs briefly had another member in *Seil *but only for a second
  • The PCs killed *Jelivistra and her brother


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