Citadel of the Feywild Part 1

Adventure #4 Part I

After finding the city of Mithrendain the only thing left for the PC’s to do was walk on in and so they did. They were immediately amazed by how strange and wonderful the city was with it’s twisting tree trunk buildings and its residiuum coated streets. They briefly considered trying to collect the residiuum but the hefty fine for doing so, permanent disfigurement with a branding iron and eventual exile from the city, prevented them from doing so.

They set out to explore the massive city of 40,000 eladrin but quickly found the city less than welcoming. While no one stopped them or told them to leave the city Strom and Breanna got a equal share of dirty looks and boorish stares. They discovered to their surprise that one of the inns in the city was owned by a drow named Kagen the Blackknife and they purchased a room at his inn. The next day, refreshed and ready they headed out to the great library in the Citadel Arcanum.

When they arrived they found a massive crowd of people gathered there and learned to their horror that the night before the sage who runs the library, Amaril, had been murdered. As Strom looked on he found a curious site among the thin and frail looking eladrin. Amid the crowd stood a seven foot tall warforged who demanded to speak to Amaril but the captain of the guard, an Eladrin named Hadari, blocked his way. Strom quickly intervened on the warforged’s behalf guiding him away before he could get himself in trouble.

Strom learned that the warforged was named Bulwark and he was hoping to speak to Amaril about his friend Saffrenia. Saffrenia had been taking care of Bulwark until she was attacked and put into a deep magical sleep more than a week ago. Bulwark had been crisscrossing the city trying to figure out what happened. Finally frustrated he had decided to visit the sage and ask him for help only to find the sage had been murdered.

Strom offered to help Bulwark and introduced him to the other PCs. After much initial mutual distrust they decided to work together and try to solve this mystery. They found out that Amaril the sage was not really dead. Just like Saffrenia he was in a deep sleep that seemed indicative of someone who has had their soul stripped away. What’s more is those two were not the only victims. There was a third, a con-artist named Brandis.

The PCs took this information to the Captain of the guard Hadari. They found him mysteriously wary of speaking with them. He told them to meet him at an inn on the outskirts of the city known as the Traveler’s Rest when the sun set. They went there at the appointed time but instead of Hadari they found a dragonborn calling himself Herrick. After speaking with him they found out Herrick was Hadari. He was a doppelganger.

He explained that he was trying to investigate the two assaults (he didn’t know about Saffrenia) but didn’t trust his own men. Several of them had failed to collect evidence and seemed to be watching him. He was growing paranoid. He didn’t know if he could trust the PC’s but decided, mainly because of BC’s true nature which he immediately sensed, that he could take a chance with them. He told them he was being pressured to reopen the library but worried that would destroy any chance he had of investigating the attack there. He asked the PC’s to break into the library and conduct the investigation for him. He gave them a key to the library but warned them that he couldn’t get them past the revelation spheres which guarded the library. To do that they would need a Watcher’s Signet Ring.

At that point Strom smelled smoke and noticed that while they were speaking someone had set the inn on fire! Several people were trapped in the burning inn as the fire spread at a furious pace. The PC’s, and Hadari, leapt to the rescue and managed to save every person including a young child and a traveling bard named Seil. With everyone out and safe the PCs gathered in the front of the burning inn. Hadari told them to scatter before the city guard came and then he took off. The PCs followed suit and disappeared into the city.

The next day they decided to ask around about purchasing a watcher’s signet ring. After some searching they heard talk that if anyone could get one it would be Kagen. They spoke with him and found out he was a friend of the sage Amaril. After they told him what their plans were he offered to give them a ring if it meant they could bring Amaril back. He did so and the PCs left.

That night they snuck into the catacombs beneath the city and used the rings to get by the revelation spheres and into the library. They encountered the trap door but instead of using the key Hadari gave them they picked the lock and broke in. Once inside they found the library to be overwhelming huge. They quickly realized without the sage’s help they would never find the information they sought. They split up to look for clues and found a note stuffed under the desk Amaril was sitting at when he was attacked.

The note spoke of a book that mentioned the Dagger of Arudial. After figuring the filing code for the books they found the book. It was called Lost Rituals of the Proditors and spoke of a group of eladrin who wished to serve the Formians as slaves. The most vile of their number, Paelias Valeneir, had created a ritual called the Dagger of Arudial. It could create a temporarily enchanted dagger that could absorb the souls of five specific individuals. He wished to use that energy to destroy the barrier beneath Mithrendain that kept the Formians from invading the city.

At that point the PCs heard sounds at the door. They hid among the shelves just as a dozen guards led by a black clad watcher of the night burst in. The guards, alerted by an informant, spread out to find the interloping worlders. Thinking quickly Ardia released her magic hound and the guards bunched up to attack it. The watcher slit its throat and the dog melted away to magic, but he had done his job in getting them close. Then Breanna blasted them with a web spell trapping them. The PCs took that opportunity to flee into the catacombs beneath the city.

Once they were free of the web the guards pursued the PCs who barely managed to escape being caught. After that they split up, each PC scattering to a different part of the city and with corrupt guards and secret-police like Watcher’s of the Night searching for them.

Notable Notes

  • The PCs explored Mithrendian
  • The PCs met Hadari and learned he is a doppelganger
  • The PCs met Bulwark
  • The PCs saved people from a burning building
  • Adari acquired a Watcher’s Signet Ring
  • The PCs were swept up into a murder mystery


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