Keep on the Shadowfell

Adventure #1

The first four PC’s in the party (BC, Breanna, Adria and Krin) set out from the village of Veil where they were born and where they had come of age. As part of an ancient tradition that had existed in the village since shortly after its founding more than 100 years ago, the PCs had to undergo what is called their Passage. According to that tradition everyone in the village who comes of age there must spend one year living outside of the village. After one year they can return if they so choose or they can continue to live in the larger world and never return. For safety reasons Youth who undergo the Passage are sent out in groups of at least four and our PC’s were no exception.

The youngest of this group finally having come of age the four were grouped together as one which was not difficult since they had been lifelong friends. After a party in their honor the PCs were given basic instructions. They were going to be woken up early the next morning, blindfolded and led to a spot somewhere outside the village so that even they do not know its true location. They would be given basic supplies and that’s all, no one from the village may assist them in anyway. After one year exactly if they wish to return to the village they may return to the spot they were left and from there be returned to the village. Other than that what happens is up to them.

As explained the PCs were given a party and the next morning led blindfolded to a spot on the side of a road. When they removed the blindfold they found whoever had brought them here was gone and they were alone. They found bags of basic supplies and weapons and a note from their mentor, and Breanna’s trainer in the mystic arts, Kemia. She told them to travel to the village of Winterhaven and from there go onto greater things.

They followed the advice. On the road to Winterhaven they were attacked by kobold brigands but managed to kill their attackers. They continued onto Winterhaven and met the lord of that village who told them a sad tale of how kobolds were raiding travelers on the road and killing innocents who venture too far from the village. The PCs decided to do something about it. They found the kobold layer and bravely entered. After a fight with the kobold leader (a buff goblin named Irontooth) and his army they won through, although Krin and BC were both killed.

Breanna and Krin managed to get the funds together to raise their friends. Among the stolen kobold treasure they found a note from someone named Kalarel who intended to open a portal to the Shadowfell and raise an army of undead. After investigating this the PCs learned that he was a priest of a cult of Orcus and was trying to open a portal in the nearby keep. The PCs entered the keep and fought through its many guardians and traps. Along the way they met and befriended a goblin named Splug who had been thrown in jail for cheating his fellow goblins. They freed him and he quickly joined their party. Although distrustful of him at first the PCs quickly made Splug a valued member of their party, even if all he does is clean their weapons for them.

Shortly after that the PCs returned to Winterhaven to find that Kalarel had ordered his spy to raise the dead in the local cemetery and destroy the village. The PCs fought the risen dead and destroyed them all, even putting Ninaran (Kalarel’s dust hag agent) to the sword. Before she died however Ninaran spoke a dark prophecy and showed the PCs visions of a world on fire. Then she closed her eyes for the last time. Shaken by this vision the PCs rested before returning to the keep.

After returning to the keep the PCs fought through many more guards and guardians eventually confronted Kalarel himself just as he was about to open the portal. With careful planning and tactics the PCs managed to defeat Kalarel and his servants. They killed him and left his body under tons of rubble from the collapsing keep, which began to fall apart after they shut down the portal. They escaped the destruction and returned to Winterhaven as heroes.

Notable Notes

  • The PCs left Veil
  • The PCs went from level 1 to level 4!
  • The PCs visited Winterhaven
  • BC acquired Aecris from Sir Keegan.
  • The PCs found out about the Keep on the Shadowfell.
  • The PCs met Splugand he joined their party.
  • The PCs heard the Prophecy.
  • The PCs were called the Heroes of Winterhaven.
  • The PCs killed Irontooth and Balgron the Fat.
  • The PCs killed Kalarel
  • The PCs closed the Shadowfell Rift and destroyed the keep


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