Garden of Blood

After the PCs broke the dagger and released the souls trapped within the souls quickly returned to their bodies and the five victims awoke from their nightmare. At the breaking of the dagger Aecris began to glow with tremendous power and transformed. After that the PCs left the catacombs behind.

On their way out they were approached by Councilman Fleorn who thanked them for their help and offered his estate for them to stay in. Bulwark returned to Saffrenia who thanked him for his helped. Strom and Bulwark discussed the issue and Strom offered the warforged a chance to come with them. Seeing no other way out of the Feywild and hoping that sticking with the other PCs would allow him more chances to see various creature’s bloody insides, Bulwark agreed.

The PCs spent a few weeks at Fleorn’s estate while the sage Amaril recovered from his ordeal and researched the information the PC’s were looking for. Bulwark passed the time by practicing eladrin fighting techniques Fleorn’s guard taught him. Strom passed it entertaining the various rich eladrin hangers-on. BC took this opportunity to take her three oldest friends aside and finally tell them the truth about her dark secret. She explained that she is a Changeling, left as a baby with her human parents. As a Changeling she is capable of changing her shape. She made them promise not to tell anyone else, especially Strom and Bulwark. True to their natures and their friendship the three women took BC’s confession in stride, only admonishing her for not telling them sooner.

During this time Adria stole the Watcher’s Signet Ring and snuck off to the outside of the city. There she called for Ashmael and he appeared. With no thought beyond serving her capricious master Adria handed the Signet Ring over to him. He was gleeful about the prospect of getting the ring. He was so happy he used his powers to create a magic circling out of loose branches which he gave to Adria as a gift. Then with ring in his possession he vanished.

After a couple weeks Amaril finally summoned the PCs to the library. Before he got to what his research revealed he gave them all gifts. Strom got a book about a great Bugbear warrior and hero. Bulwark got a gift filled with alchemy recipes and pictures of various creature’s anatomy. BC got a book about great war heroes and legendary generals. Adria was given a book about fey courts and etiquette, and Breanna was given a book filled with powerful magical spells, formula and rituals including a ritual that they could use to return to the world.

After that Amaril told them what he found. He explained what the Elder Elemental Eye was. Then he showed them pages from a journal he found. It described the finding of an ancient Primogen city and talked about the Ansible and how it can be used to track back to the location of the mother stone (see Ongoing Mystery) Amaril told them that with work he could teach them to use the Ansible to track back to wherever this Dark Man was located all without risking his scanning their minds. But to make it work they would have to return to the world.

Amaril proceeded to train them to use the Ansible and a few days later they were ready to leave Mithrendain. After a tearful goodbye between Bulwark and Saffrenia and a goodbye between Hadari and BC the PCs were ready to leave. Breanna opened the portal which appeared as a door on the side of a building. They entered and found themselves back in the world in the center of a field of dry scrub grass. The PCs quickly gathered around the Ansible and connected to it, opening their minds as one. This allowed them to track the Ansible’s Mother Stone. The vision they had took them far to the north showing them that the Mother Stone rests in a massive gorge in the Frostfall mountains. That is their destination. Then they awoke from their vision.

Tired from the vision the PCs rested a little bit then looked around. In the distance they saw a city which they quickly found out was Brassmoon. Brassmoon had a reputation for being antagonistic to all the so called “demihuman” races including goblins like Splug, and Bugbears like Strom. They especially hated Gnolls. However the people of Brassmoon considered Warforged to be true heroes and heralded Bulwark as a champion.

At that point Bulwark learned that the war he swore had ended five years ago had actually ended over 100 years ago. He had a massive and mysterious gap in his memory. The PCs also learned that they had been in the Feywild for twice as long as they they thought they had. At this point it had been 6 months since they left the village of Veil. BC decided they would gather supplies and prepare for the long march north or hopefully they could find a faster way to travel. While exploring to their surprise they found Orest Naeurummar bumming coins off passerby. After cornering him the PCs forced him to explain his current state.

He told them that he knew about the portal in the tower way back in Fallcrest. He had purchased the building for that purpose but just needed some nice people to drive away the ghost living there. He tricked them into helping him. After they were gone he activated the portal which linked to Brassmoon. Then he began transporting goods through the portal and making money by the barrel full. The only problem was he was upsetting local merchants because he could undercut them. He also run afoul of the Vigo of the Sand Net Syndicate (a fat tiefling named Vipone Paramezzus) by getting in over his head in a gambling game. Vipone promised to eliminate Orest’s debt in exchange for his shop. With no choice Orest agreed but before the Vigo could move in Orest snuck in and disrupted the portal shutting it down. Then he hid the stone that kept the portal open.

BC made him a deal. If he gives them that stone and opens the portal for them they would help him get his store back. He agreed and took them to see Vipone. Vioone explained the only way to get the store back was a bet. The Vigo told them that Brassmoon is home to the Nyos Amphitheater also known as the Garden of Blood. He bet that the six of them, minus Orest, wouldn’t be able to win a three match day in the Garden. They took his bet.

The next morning the PCs made ready for their matches. Orest went over the rules, explaining how unruly the crowd could be and that the matches they were in were not to the death. Then the PCs entered the barracks beneath the arena. They took the name Fellreavers for their team. In that day they fought three separate matches each more grueling than the last. In the final bout they fought Arxus Nod gladiator champion and deadly warrior but even he and his well trained team were no match for the PCs. They took him down in a brutal fight that had the crowd roaring with bloodlust. In the end the PCs were declared the victors and to the victors goes the spoils.

The PCs were lauded as heroes and in an award ceremony the PCs were given 1500 pieces of gold in prize money and each PC was given a medal commemorating their victory in the arena. The PCs were given free room and board in the fanciest Inn in town and were served the finest meal any of them had ever eaten. The Bugbear gladiator Threska even sent Strom a note asking for his company and he was only too happy to visit her.

The next morning refreshed and ready for the day the PCs gathered up Orest and went to the Sand Net’s guild headquarters. After going through the magical darkness and twisting rooms of the guild house the PCs ended up in Vipone’s private chambers. There he gave Orest the keys to the shop but Vipone was not happy. By winning the match the PCs had humiliated Vipone’s greatest gladiator not to mention beating Vipone and he doesn’t like to lose. Vipone, ever the fat bastard he is, refused to honor any of their other bets.

BC tried to explain that by beating Arxus they had actually made it easier to make money off of him but Vipone wasn’t having that. He ordered the PCs out. Seeing they were surrounded by trained guards, and Vipone could summon potentially 500 more they decided to leave but BC made a private oath to someday burn that guild house to the ground. Then the PCs went to the store and made their way inside. Orest showed them where the portal to Fallcrest was located. It was fine except for a single missing stone with a sigil on it. Orest had buried the stone right in the same room as the portal. He dug it up and put it back. The portal opened a tad but was weak so Breanna and Adria began chanting adding their magic power together to open the portal. Then the PCs heard a voice calling out from up above.

Strom went to investigate and found the shop surrounded by Vipone’s thugs all armed with burning torches. The lead thug called out to Orest telling him Vipone changed his mind then he hurled his torch at the store, but Strom was faster. In a flash of movement he drew his trusted magic shuriken Shenequa and hurled it at the torch neatly severing it half in mid-air. The frustrated thug ordered everyone to hurl their torches in response so Strom drew a cascade of shuriken from his magic bracers and destroyed every torch. The thug, unimpressed despite the amazing display of martial skill, drew his sword and charged forth.

The other PCs rushed up from below blasting out with magic and swinging their weapons while half of the thugs rushed into battle. The PCs were slashed and cut but they gave as well as they got and BC refused to let them retreat. Breanna, fearing that Orest would run away and sabotage the portal behind him, stuck him to the wall with a gob of magic web before joining the battle. The other half of the thugs lit fresh torches and threw them onto the shop’s roof and in a few seconds the store was ablaze.

With BC’s tactical leadership, Krin’s powerful hammer smashes, Strom’s incredible swordsmanship, Bulwark’s vicious axe, Adria’s wicked magic and Breanna’s powerful and destructive spells the thugs were beaten back on their heels, many of them falling to the PCs attacks. But the remaining thugs, fearing Vipone more than death, refused to run and slashed the PCs poisoning them with their jagged blades. Finally with the building fully on fire and with more of Vipone’s thugs rushing into battle, BC had to call a retreat. They beat their way back into the store and fled down the stairs into the basement where the portal was kept.

There they found Orest had freed himself and went through the portal and was standing on the other side waiting for the PCs. Splug had tried to get through the portal but had been struck by a falling piece of timber but Orest had pulled him safely through the portal. While Breanna and Adria worked to keep the portal open the others fled through it arriving instantly back in Fallcrest 800 miles to the north. Breanna jumped through the portal as it closed making it to the other side in a cloud of smoke and soot. Now the PCs are safely in Fallcrest.

Notable Notes

  • The PCs went from 7th to 8th level!
  • The PCs learned to work together as a team.
  • The PCs have made an enemy of Vipone and the Sand Net Syndicate
  • The PCs are back in Fallcrest
  • The PCs found out what Orest had been up to back in Fallcrest.
  • The PCs learned more about the Ongoing Mystery.
  • The PCs fought in the Nyos Amphitheater and won


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