The world of Taus-Ur is both ancient and magical. It is the source of all life and the birthplace of the Gods. In this land live creatures that are of myth and legend to other worlds, yet almost ordinary in the land of Taus-Ur. From the rampaging goblins of the Deathland Wastes to the Minotaur warriors of the Cairnhold Mountains to the tieflings of Bael Turath this is a diverse world filled with all manners of beasts and beings.

Taus-Ur bordered on one side of reality by an enchanted land known as the Feywild. All the magic and wonder of Taus-Ur is nothing to the majesty of the Feywild. Here are they are city of enchanted crystal, rivers too beautiful to look at and forests that move when no one is looking. This is a place where the trees talk to you, and the wind carries the whispers of magic secrets lost to the known world. Yet for all its beauty the Feywild is a dangerous and deadly place. A place of immoral and sometimes murderous beings that drop from the shadows of the trees to poison and harass wayward travelers.

There is yet another place, easily accessible from Taus-Ur. A place of death and darkness. This place is called the Shadowfell. If the Feywild is a more magical version of Taus-Ur the Shadowfell is its dark reflection. It is a place of grey mountains and deep inky blackness, where the moon hangs bright over a haunted dale, and the dead still walk among the living. It is into this place that all the dead must travel before moving on to whatever fate awaits them.

Travel between these two mirror realms is all too easy in Taus-Ur and if you take a wrong turn you may end up in a mystic forest or surrounded by the angry ghosts of dead men.

The history of Taus-Ur reflects this majesty. Its history is filled with great empires that have crumbled into dust and all that remains is the ruins. The greatest and most ancient of these empires was the Daikayanni. Then thousand years ago the Daikayanni ruled a land that covered the largest continent in Taus-Ur from one side to the other. They Daikayanni believed they had been left by the Gods and that when they proved themselves worthy the Gods would take them into Heaven. Yet when the Daikayanni reached the pinnacle of their civilization the Gods did not come and they began to lose faith. Finally the decided to take the matters into their own hands. In the heart of their greatest city they built an Ivory tower that would open a gateway into the Domains of the Gods. Yet something went terribly wrong. Instead of opening a gateway to Heaven they unleashed a Hell upon their world. In one cataclysmic explosion the entire Diakayanni Empire was wiped out leaving a blasted and desert area known as the Deathland Wastes. The Daikayanni people were wiped out down to the last child.


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